Sunday, December 7, 2008

what a way to start off a week

hey everyone...... WOW what a week we've had here....
Last Saturday was my trip to NYC... OHHH how much fun..... Sunday I slept in.. ewhhhhhhhhh if I only knew what was in store for me... I ended up working part of the day and puttered around the house and then around 7 OMG...... the pain.. ohhhhh the pain.... Around 7 ish I started getting really nauseous so I went to bed... I woke around 9:30 and I wished I had died.... I was doubled over in pain. I refused to go the to ER.. If I could just make it until 8:30 when my surgeons office opened.. Nope at 7 AM I called the on call.... Luckily my surgeon was on call and called me right back.. He told me to come right to the hospital, he was admitting me for ... RU ready.. emergency surgery.. Not how I thought I'd be spending my Monday... I ended up having emergency laproscopic surgery and and an endoscope.. Come to find out I had an internal hernia (which is not uncommon after Gastric Bypass surgery) and gastritis... I was back home around 6 PM and in bed becoming best friends with my pain killers...
Tuesday I was able to sleep all day until 6 when my DH came home from work... He came home with a horrible stomach bug ... so we spent our Wednesday in the ER all day (sent there by his PCP because he was so sick).... Needless to say.... Thursday we both... slept all day.. There went the week... LOL
The good news is.. we are both on the road to recovery.. I am able to go back to work tomorrow since I work from home.. I have some awesome NYC pictures to show you and a few fun projects.. So please check back this week... I just wanted to let you all know where I've been..
Happy Stamping..
Hugs, Lisa