Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween..

Happy Halloween......

My friends have been so wonderful to me the past few weeks and I've received a few RAKS that I'd love to share with you. You know you are truly loved when your friends care enough to send the very best.. that is something from their heart...

This is from the very best DDSS in the whole world. I apologize to all of my other DDSS big sis's but you have huge shoes to fill because Deb is the BEST... And in case you're wondering just how big these shoes are.. Well here you go... LOL

Love ya' Deb !!!

Through stamping I have met a few close friends and this card is from one that I cherish most.. Alex Moldonado.. This was the card that sparked our friendship. I just loved her coloring of the pooch. From this card has sparked a true friendship. I will save this forever.. :)

This card came from Linda the coordinator of our Central NY get together. For all of her hard work I altered a candy corn scented candle for her. This was the card she sent as a Thank you... How sweet was that... I love this color combination..

Thanks everyone for the Happy Mail.. In this age of computers we forget how it makes people feel when we open our mailboxes to find something other than a bill...

Monday, October 29, 2007

I seem to have lost my.. Mojo..

I don't know what's happened to me. My mojo is gone.. G-O-N-E gone. Between my dang darn'it tooth, my up coming oral surgery, work, dr's appointment's and today's trip to the vampire for 9 vials of blood (I'm starting to wonder if she left me with any).. My mojo has completely disappeared. I'm exhausted and not happy with anything I create. With that being said.. Thanks for listening. Some time we just need to vent a little. I'm wondering if that lab technician .. you know the one who had to stick me twice today and left a big o'le black sore bruise on the side of my arm may have acutually sucked my mojo out of me by mistake. She certainly didn't get much blood the first time. :( It's official.. I'm sad...

The good news is.. I did make this card last week using my new Stem Silhouettes set from the Holiday Mini catalog. Sorry it seems to be a little dark. If I get a good picture of it tomorrow with my 'crappy' camera (can you hear me MOM !!!!) I'll swap out the picture. In the mean time.. This card uses...

Stamp Set... Stem Silhouette's
Card Stock.. Ruby Red, Very Vanilla & ?? DS paper
Ink.. Creamy Caramel & Ruby Red
Accessories.. Martha Stewart Putty Twill Ribbon

The other good news is ... Have you checked out Gina K's blog lately? She's rolling out a new blog and new webstore on the first. I'm very excited. She's also looking for guest designers (Alex and Teresa.. hint hint).. Please go check her out.

So, if you happen to see my mojo.. Please ask it to come home. I miss it, my stamps miss it.. Were lonely with out it.. Or, if you can send me a little mojo.. I'd be very happy.. :) Ok, I'm off to pout now. Poor Me...

Friday, October 26, 2007

My shoebox swap... And more ramblings...

Happy Friday.... At least it's not Freaky Friday.. LOL.. Is everyone ready for Halloween??? Not me.. My fool proof plan for not eating all of the Halloween candy before Halloween is to buy it at the last minute.. So tonight... I'm off to hunt down Halloween candy..

Last Friday I woke up in a panic.. I hated my
Shoebox Swap.. So I emailed Teresa back and forth..Do I switch.. Do I not.. DO I switch.. (You get the picture).. My delima was that it wasn't Stampin' Up.. So at the last minute. I switched.. Please dear God.. Please let them like this one..
I really wanted to do something with the new Basic Grey. I love this color. I just have difficulty matching it with other colors.. This is what I came up with...
Card Stock... Basic Grey, Sage Shadow, Buckaroo Blue, Very Vanilla
Stamp set.. Fabulous Flowers, En' Francis and All Holiday's
Ink... Basic Grey & Sage Shadow
Ribbon... Blue double stitched..
Accessories.. Paper Punch, Hodgepodge Hardware, Pop up glue dots, glue, glitter...
As a side note.. the gal's were sad they weren't playing with the House Mouse.. Oh, don't get me wrong.. They were very happy with this card.. But they were sad they missed out on the House Mouse..
On a lighter note.. Have you ever walked into a store and felt like you died and went to heaven? That was me Wednesday when I walked into TJ Maxx. Anyone who knows me knows that I love anything primitive.. Check out the two different holiday garland's I found..
This one is snowmen and the other is angels. Both are about 6 feet long and I just had to have them. Guess how much they were... $9.99 each.. Yep.. I died and went to heaven...

This one is the angels..
Hope everyone has a stampalicious weekend. The weather is calling for rain, rain, rain so I think I'll spend tomorrow in the kitchen. Now that I have the extra freezer I think I'll make a batch of broccoli cheddar bacon soup and split pea with ham. A couple nice smooth soups for when I have my oral surgery in a couple weeks.. YACK..

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wait until you see how fabulous these R..

We all know that at each an every moment we are completely surrounded by so much TALENT .. But I have to say... On Saturday there was so much talent in that room that it was over-flowing out the doors and into the street. The only way anyone could have left Saturday's get together without being inspired would be if they were dead.. And trust me... Every single person in that room was living and breathing... Thank goodness... LOL Here are my favorite 'non' card projects from Saturday.. Enjoy the inspiration.

I was very fortunate to be at table 3 with Judy.. She is such an inspiration. This "Fantasy Box" was her swap for the day. This looks difficult but when you sit down, read the instructions a couple times, and set all of your supplies out in front of you. It's really not as bad as it seems..
Here's a link to the instructions for the box.. Thank you Stubby Stampers.
This is the folded completed box.

And this is what the box looks like when it's unfolded.. Judy pre-folded the inside 4 boxes for us but we made the top & bottom. These boxes are pretty much identical to Kristina's origami boxes.. just on a smaller scale. What I loved about this project was the colors. The red, light tan and vanilla were superb.
And finally... here's a sneak peek into how the box folds in on it's self. You can see in the above open photo that there's 1 small strip that is not decorate. This is basically the 'flap' for lack of a better term... that folds the box together. When you put the top and bottom on it.. Viola'.. I showed this to my BFF on Sunday and she was shocked when she opened it. I'm thinking of using this for my mom's birthday present in November and filling each box with a little bling bling.. You know mother's always love Jewelry.

Kim.. You are such a genus.. I love these ornaments. These are definitely on my holiday to-do list.. They may even end up being gift tags... Who knows.. You can take this idea and just go with it..
Kim used the Big On Christmas stamp set... With a little dashing designer series paper.. If you want to pick up these tins for CHEEEEEP.... (I know it's spelt 'ea' p ... but these are so cheep I'm chirping)... Creativexpress.. 3 tins for $1.. that's .33 cents each.. Add a little snow... punch a hole with your crop-a-dile for the ribbon and Viola.. I just love these.. (jumping up and down)..

This is the same thing.. I was just trying to show you the snow a little better...
And now we have our 'ghoulish.. nugget boxes'.. I believe these may be band-aid containers.. But I may be incorrect..
And when you open it... Look what pops out at you... I spider. This is the cutest.. Of course their Hershey nuggets wrapped in designer series paper.
And last but by no means least.. a post-it-note holder that looks like one of my favorite things... A purse.. Using what else.. Coasters. The holes were made using a crop-a dile and the closure held on with Velcro. What an idea..
Here's what the inside looks like..
I hope your all inspired to make something other than a card today..
Have a wonderful Thursday. I'm off to the oral surgeon later :( I know I've mentioned many times in the past about a tooth problem I'm having.. Hopefully we can finally do something about it.. :)
Happy Stamping !!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My favorite cards..

Hey everyone.. Hope your week is going swell... Tonight's late edition is of my favorite cards from Saturday's get together .. I apologize ahead of time that I won't be able to give you the recipes of each item.. But you can use them for 'inspiration'...

This is the matching envelope to the attached card... How cute is that???

This card was made by Michelle (flaxychick) using a My Favorite Things stamp set. To make this card, we stamped the images onto the card stock and the designer paper, cut out the dresses and then adhered them the card.. Now the gal's have designer dresses. Michelle colored the images with prisma pencils.

This card was made by my friend Teresa. Isn't is gorgeous? It's a trifold card. The image was adhered to the front of the card using pop up glue dots. Teresa's initial plan was to make these into pins using crystal effects and then pin the tree to the card. What an idea... WOW..

This card was made by Gayla.. What I love about it is that the tree is made with... photo corner punches.. Click on the image to enlarge it and you can really see what I'm talking about.

And last but not least.. Moose You.. Is he not the cutest? This is the outside of the card. The 'moose' is stamped on the inside of a 3x3 card with the front of the card cut into a frame.

Here's the inside showing the sentiment.. Moose You.. I love that..

Stay tuned tomorrow night for my favorite... anything but a card... Trust me.. Your gonna love these.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Meet my new friends......

Wow.. Do I have a stamp'in hangover. Saturday was quite the day. Last evening I sat on the sofa wanting so much to go upstairs and clean my stamp room... Only to have my legs and feet tell me that if I did.. they would divorce me. And since I really need them... I choose to go lie on the bed and watch tv. Today.. is a whole new day...

Allow me to introduce you to my new stamping friends. Every single person I met on Saturday was wonderful. I apologize if I leave anyone out there's a few of you whom I hope pictures will surface of and I can add you later...

Allow me to introduce you to my new friend.. Teresa (white top) .. and Linda (green top).. Teresa was my driving buddy.. She is the sweetest thing. Thank you Teresa for taking me all the way to Syracuse... After the gathering we went and had dinner at Chili's and then we had to make a stop at Michael's for a little Martha Stewart fix.. Now the ? is ... when is Martha coming out with her holiday line.. ????

This is Nancy (in the brown), Linda again and my new friend Michelle... aka flaxychick.. Please go check out her blog here. I have to say that when I saw that Michelle was at my table is was star struck.. And then as luck would have it.. We sat right next to each other. So we chit chatted a bit. She is the sweetest and most talented thing you'd ever like to meet. She made me feel so welcome. She even turned me onto My Favorite Things stamps. I've never used them.. But OH ... How fun are these???? Kim is very fortunate to have Michelle as part of her design team.

Here's a group of stampers working hard...

And last but certainly not least.. Linda is on the right. She coordinated this whole extravaganza. Without her hard work, the October gathering would not have been such a success... Thank you Linda. And I can't forget Nancy in the middle. Nancy sat on the other side of me and was sooooo nice. Everyone made us newbies feel right at home.. I'm looking forward to February in Elmira :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Bella's For Sale

Note.. These have been sold. Thank you for your interest... :)
Hey there everyone.. I have the following Bella's for sale that I would like to sell as a set..

the martini glass
frizzybella and

They retail for $40 + shipping from Canada.
I would happily sell them all for $35 which includes shipping to the US..
If your outside the US we can work out the shipping details.
Please email me if your interested. Thanks so much

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Toto... Were not in Kansas anymore

But we were in SYRACUSE for the SCS (SplitCoast Stampers) CNY (Central NY) get together!!!! and boy what a day we had. It was fun (and sometimes a little over whelming to say the least)... Over the next few days I'll be sharing lot of pictures and new friends with you. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I did.. Tonight I'm super exhausted.. It's been a long week so let me show you the display boards.... Enjoy..

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Papertreyink stamps have FINALLY arrived

Ok so it took a month.. but that's only because I had to have those nugget tins that were out of stock for what seemed like forever.. These were going to be my WCMD projects but that's a whole nother story I'm saving for sitting around the bomb fire when I'm 75 telling ... Do you remember when stories... Do you remember back in 2007 that WCMD well... let me tell you.....

Tonight I started to feel a little better (that usually means that tomorrow I'll feel worse because today I did too much and should have just rested.. but what the hey.. ) and these darn stamps kept calling my name.. Lisa ........ Lisa........ Hey are you down there.....(there's a really good possibility that I have a fever with my tooth so I could just be delusional... may be my stamps weren't really talking to me... but that's neither here nor there).. So you I went to stamp anyway... Here's my first attempts at Take a Bough.. Next time ... the tree will have SNOW... I need to get to Mike's this weekend and stock up on the MS twill ribbon.. I need green, white, ivory...

My Green tree uses....
Stamp Set... Take a Bough (Papertreyink)
Card Stock... True Thyme, Very Vanilla & Cosmo Cricket "Believe" DS paper...
Ink... Close to Cocoa, True Thyme, Ruby Red & Going Grey...
Accessories... Moss taffeta ribbon, page pebbles, Antique Brass large eyelets
Tools... Crop-a-dile

And now my Blue Tree...
Stamp Set... Take a Bough (Papertreyink)
Card Stock.. Blue Bayou, Very Vanilla & Daisy D's Heirloom Blue Blossoms DS paper
Ink... Close to Cocoa, True Thyme, Blue Bayou, Ruby Red & Going Grey
Accessories.. Blue Bayou Double Stitched Ribbon, Page Pebbles & Pewter large eyelets Tools.. Crop-a-dile..

One of the many things I love about Nicole's stamps are how easy they all coordinate. The pine boughs line up perfectly with the tree branch, the centers of the ornaments fit perfectly.. and being clear, they are soooooo easy to align.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Wednesday

HEEEELLLLLLLLOOOOO.. Oh what a week. I must say.. I haven't been feeling all that well and yesterday all I wanted to do was sleep.. I did though manage to work all day, had my dr. call me in a new antibiotic and then lie on the sofa for the rest of the evening.. Even though I could hear my stamps calling my name.. I had to shut the door at the bottom of the stairs to my stampin room.. I couldn't take their taunting any longer... Tonight if their good I may get up there and play with them a bit..

As I promised here's my card using a 'primitive stocking' I promised last week. For some strange on reason not only was this card blurry when I tried to take a picture of it but scanning it wasn't much better..
MOM.... where is that new camera I've been begging you for??????
Here's what I used....
Card stock... Mellow Moss, Ruby Red, Very Vanilla... CosmoCricket Designer paper
Ink... Digi image printed w/ laser printer
Markers.. Bravo Burgundy, Grey (copic), Brown (copic), Mellow Moss, Blush, Bush green (copic)
Accessories... Silver & Red stickles, Vanilla wide organdy ribbon
Die cut... Spellbinders (enlarge the image they are also embossed)..

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Congratulations Melissa S

We have a blog candy winner... Comment # 19...
Congratulations Melissa S...
Melissa said..
"My RAK for the Dunns is on my blog, whatdoyouink.blogspot.com Thanks for adding to the candy!
Wed Oct 10, 10:31:00 AM"..
Melissa.. I have emailed you for your mailing address.. :)
Thank you to everyone who sent cards and well wishes to the Dunn family. I hope Andrea is able to fill at least 2 boxes with cards for the Dunn's...
Keeping Isabelle, Madeline, Mom Alissa, Dad Michael and big brother Isaiah in my prayers..

Monday, October 15, 2007

Count our Blessings.. a little blog candy for a cause

NOTE>>> I will be keeping this post on top until the 15th so please scroll down for new posts..

ps.. I've updated my blog candy so please take a look... :)

As I sit here with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart I can not help but to pray for the Dunn family (Michael, Alissa, Isaiah and 3 mo. old twins Isabelle Grace and Madeline Ora). Isabelle and Madeline are both undergoing chemotherapy treatment at Children's Hospital in Detroit Michigan for stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Please check out their story on both
Andrea's blog here as well as the Dunn family personal blog (here you can see pictures of the entire family)

As my heart weeps for these 2 precious little girls and the brave battle the entire family is fighting I wish there was more I could do for this family. But some times praying is the most any of us can do. Today I will be sending my wishes, thoughts and prayers to Michael & Alissa and I hope you all do the same.
Andrea is offering a little Blog Candy for a cause and I would like to do the same. Please send a RAK to Andrea for the Dunn family. When you do, please post a link to your card HERE on this post (or) if it's posted on SCS please indicate that as well with your SCS name. Please feel free to send more than 1 card as each card you send will earn you a chance to win my blog candy. EDIT... I ventured off to Michael's this weekend and picked up a little candy.. I'm offering up 2 spools of Martha Stewart (MS) twill ribbon (1 putty & 1 chocolate), a jar of MS white glitter (I think this will be awesome for holiday cards.. can anyone say snow) and 2 stamps.. 1 says 'thanks' (many times) and the other says thinking of you today.. I thought they were appropriate..

Please mail all entries to Andrea by Monday October 15th... Her address is..
Andrea Vernagus
Blog Candy for a Cause
2797 Warwick Dr.
Bloomfield, MI 48304

Here's my card.. (don't forget to click on it to enlarge it!!!)
Card Stock... Chocolate Chip, Soft Sky, Very Vanilla
Stamps.. CTMH, Fall Frolic
Ink.. Close to Cocoa, Buckaroo Blue, Walnut Tim Holtz stain
Accessories.. wide SUP grosgrain ribbon, antique button, hemp twine
Technique.. Sponging/ distressing, paper punch

God Bless the Dunn family !!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Friday

Helllllllllloooooooooo.... I hope you all had a wonderful week and it's even better now that it's FRIDAY !!! YIPEE... anyone have fun plans for the weekend? Here in the great NE Mr. Weatherman is predicting Rain Rain Rain.. So I hope that means a little stamping, maybe I'll make some soup and Oh don't forget working on Sunday towards my mandatory OT for next week (that one's a YACK !!!)

I've been trying to post an adorable card (at least I think so) all week but my camera is acting up. It really works best when there's direct sunlight and well, since it's been gloomy and doomy most of this week that hasn't worked so well.. I'm hoping to get a new camera for Christmas.

Next Saturday is the big day I've been looking forward to in E. Syracuse. It's the CNY SCS get together. We need a name badge and if we'd like we can donate a gift for the gift swap. Here's what I made.

My name tag uses...
Card Stock.. Only Orange, Pixie Pink, Green Galore
Ink.. None but I did use my Wal-mart rub-ons
Stickers.. These too are from Wal-mart
Accessories.. clear luggage tag, misc ribbons
the dots were made with misc. SUP circle punches that I then ran through my xyron machine.

Even though I'm not at the 'creepy table' (inside joke... my CNY friends know exactly what I'm talking about.. ) I tried to be creepy none~the~ less..

Now for my give away.. I actually made a couple of these as gifts. I found these 'candy corn' scented mason jar candles at Jo-Anns last week and I thought they would be perfect.

Stamps.. Haunting Halloween, Boogie Eyes & Tags so much ~ All are SUP..
Card Stock... pumpkin pie, very vanilla, (last years) SUP designer series paper
Ink... Black Stazon, Copic markers in.. olive green, brown, blush, purple, yellow, grey & orange
Accessories.. Black grosgrain ribbon & orange/ cream may arts ribbon, Martha Stewart 'putty' twill ribbon, black twine
Punches... Nestabilities Rectangle scalloped, Mega groovy circle scalloped & my SUP large and small tag punches
Everything was adhered with this awesome sticky tape I purchased from Taylored Expressions a while back.

I hope whom ever wins this will enjoy it. I know I had a lot of fun putting it together.
Here's hoping you all have a fun, dry weekend filled with lots of stamping..
PS.. Theresa.. GET off the computer and GET STAMPING !!! Your running out of swap time..

Monday, October 8, 2007

OMGosh.. This was sooo easy

And soooooooooooo much fun. Please scoot on over to Kristina's blog.. Don't let her know but I've been stalking her from afar. Her work is unbelievable and she has so much talent.. Please check out her tutorial for "Folding Origami Boxes".. Wow.. I watched it twice.. took a few notes and headed up to my stamp room. What do you think for my first go round at it. This whole box took less than 10 minutes. Can you imagine a bunch of these on a tiered plate display for the holidays with little gifts in them. I'm personally thinking homemade chocolate truffles (That is if I have time...LOL)... SHHH would these make good gifts for my table mates for the CNY get together on the 20th???? SHHHH .. I can't make any promises..

Here's what I used...
Card Stock.. Daisy D's red floral paisley for the top, Cosmo Cricket for the Bottom, Mellow Moss
Accessories.. Wide Vanilla Grosgrain ribbon, stapler

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Guest Designer... :)

Happy Sunday everyone.... I hope you all enjoyed your WCMD. Me .. thanks for asking.. not so much, but that's for another time.. another place.. :)

This week I have a guest designer for you all whom I think your gonna L-O-V-E... LOVE...
Alex Maldonado

Please go check out her SCS gallery ... She also has an awesome blog Fairy Blossoms & Life by design and she even has a little store Fairy Blossom Designs. This is one busy woman who does phenominal work with prisma pencils and gamasol. Me .. nope haven't mastered that technique yet but Alex has promised to teach me.. She has no clue what she's gotten herself into.. LOL So please, go check out her work. I'm sure you'll be inspired and let her know I sent you.. :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A few Halloween gifts to mail

This is a busy mail week.. I need to get my Secret Halloweeney swaps out in the mail and we were just given the names of our new little sisters on SCS for round 9... I want to put a little some'tin some'tin in the mail for her and her twin 7 year old daughters as well.. Here's what I came up with..

The secret Halloweeney swap I hosted on SCS required that you send your Secret Partner a gift valued at $15 minimum.. So my partner is getting ...
~ A purple spring spider (he's very cute.. I picked him up in Purple, Orange and Green for myself and they are hanging on my enclosed front porch)..
~ A Halloween 25710 box filled with dove chocolates..
~ A Halloween post-it note holder (see close up
~ A Halloween card
~ A Halloween towel
~ SUP Chocolate Satin Ribbon
~ Fall chipboard all tucked neatly into a Lang Halloween Box..

Now for my secret little sis.. This round I signed up to send her a small gift each month.. This month.. HALLOWEENEY... So she's getting the 2nd advent calendar and a post-it note holder.. She has twin 7 year old girls so I hope they like the calendar..

Sorry this picture is a little blurry. I thought I saved the clear one ... but I guess not.. WHOOPS... See.. I told you my digy camera stinks like a snunk in garbage.. This is on the top of my christmas list.. Now if only my mother read my blog... LOL
My Halloween colored post-it notes were 4x4 so I used...
Card stock.. Black, Whisper White & Pumpkin Pie
Stamps.. Not quite sure about the witch.. but I do know it's retired and I do know it's SUP.. The pot and frog is Haunting Halloween
Ink... Black Stazon
Makers.. Green Galore, Magenta, Orange, Brown & Grey
Accessories.. Misc grosgrain ribbon, stickles, large glue popup dot, misc Halloween chipboard (Wal-mart), Velcro dots & 4x4 post-it-notes
Punches.. Large slot punch, Rectangle nestabilities

Got to run.... Check back tomorrow for an adorable card..

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How do you make a 'snowmouse'

I've tried my hand at building a 'snowmouse'. The leaves have barely started to fall here and I'm already playing in the snow. I hope this isn't a sign of what our winter is going to be like here in the great NE... :)
This is my shoebox swap for the CNY get together. I have to bring 4 completed samples and enough supplies for 12 swappers..
For this little fella I used...
Stamps.. Building a Snowmouse (Housemouse), Snowfall
Card Stock.. Mellow Moss, Cranberry Crisp and Very Vanilla
Ink... black stazon
Markers.. Close to Cocoa, Mellow Moss, Blush Blossom, Sahara Sand, Boroque Burgundy, Mellow Moss, Old Olive, Always Artichoke, Going Grey
Accessories.. Artichoke Grosgrain Ribbon, Stickles, Small Slot Punch
I've been working very hard to get my Happy Halloweeney Swap ready for my partner and I've got a cute little gift for my new SCS little sister. Be watching tomorrow for a few spooky treats..
Can you believe I'm over 10K hits already????? Is anyone starting to get a 'sweet tooth'????? HMMM... What could it be?