Monday, February 12, 2007

Don't you hate it when your husband buys you tires?

Well, so it's not exactly tires but it sure feels like it. I've been dying to buy a new entertainment center, dining room table and chairs and a buffet. I know exactly what I want. So my hubby and I went off to the furniture store on Saturday. I finally picked out an entertainment center (figured we'd start there, I hate paying out those big bucks for new furniture...) and while were standing there waiting to pay he say... And I quote... "Oh by the way, that's your Valentines Day present".. UGH.. So of course I said.. "That's just your way of getting out of having to shop ya lug"... So now, no pretty roses, no chocolates.. and I bet you we won't even go out to dinner (darn mother nature has our first big snow storm planned for the season).. So in a round about sort of way.. I think I got 'tires' for Valentines day... LOL

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