Wednesday, February 7, 2007

My 2 secret sisters...

I am thrilled with my 2 new secret sisters from SCS. My first secret sister (currently located in Arizonia, or at least that is the post mark... LOL) is my DDSS otherwise known as my Dabbling Demo Secret Sister. Round 7 just started February 1st and look what I've already received.. This is my favorite style. That 'shabby chic', old world, antique look. What a fabulous job she did. I'm feeling very spoiled.

My other secret sister is a 'Devine Secret Sibling'. This group began in January and I've already received 3 beautiful cards from her. Can you tell I love florals? This was my first card from her.

This was the 2nd card from my DSS... The colors are gorgeous. My 3rd card my mother loved so, I let her take it. That was my favorite of the 3. Lots of glitter.. I must admit.. I like the bling bling.

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