Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A little reorganizing

does the stamping mojo good :) ... For the past few weeks I've been feeling very 'un'inspired.. My stamping mojo was in the toilet.. LOL So I thought that if I moved things around a bit, opened my space up a little more.. If I let in a little ying and let out a little yang maybe I would be more inspired.. So here's what I came up with.. Keep in mind that the other 1/2 of my stamp room is our den.. So I still needed to make room for 2 recliners and a tv.. The best thing would be that if some day I could take over the entire den.. But I really don't see that happening at this point. May be a basement redo would work though.. .Right Tilly?

This first picture is my stamping desk.. You'll see that I have a 'shoe' organizer shelf which hold my tins of ribbons and reinkers/ stickles perfectly.. On top there's even room for my white spinners.. (That's my technical term for them).. I love these. 1 holds my glues, glue dots etc. and the other holds my cuttlebug plates. This w
ay I always know where they are when I need them..

These 2 'x' cubes are the dividers from my spinners. I was looking for something to hold my copic markers so that they were readily accessible and could be sorted by color. I'm still on the look out for smaller wooden cubes so if anyone finds some and wants to send me a RAK.. I'd LOVE IT.. LOL But for now, these work perfectly..

This is the other side of my desk.. I call it my embellishment center. Ok Ok I'll admit it, besides ribbon I have an addiction to embellishments. There I said it. I actually bought this holder in the home improvement section of walmart. My original plan was to house my copics in it. But it was about 1/2" too short so whoops.. I've filled it with my ranger dabbers, glitters, dew drops and my pretties (SUP)..

You know you really have an addiction when you need an entire shelf just for ribbon.. what can I say.. I (((HEART))) ribbon... This metal shelf is perfect for holding your punches as well. The other shelves are for paper and misc.. gotta haves.. including my bind it all..

Did you notice the wire caddy on the floor??? These are all cards, looking for a good home. :)

Tucked over in the corner under the eaves is my paper.. I've chosen to use the Cropper Hopper paper holders and the plastic drawers for my paper. The cropper hoppers hold my solid card stocks and the drawers my 12 x 12 designer papers..

Can a girl ever have enough stamps? This nice big 5 shelf book shelf holds all of my stamps and misc. Stampin Up items.. I'm doing much better. At 1 point about 6 months ago, all 5 shelves were full.. But if you notice the MM shelf next to it.. all of the clear plastic cd tins house my clear stamps.. LOL So I probably have the same amount of stamps.. Just house them a little better now than I did then..
And finally... more embellishments and more clear stamps... This is my MM embellishment center (I'm not sure if that's it's real name or my name for it.. :) ) that I picked up at Mike's the day after Christmas last year for a steal.. I love it.. The shelves are just perfect..
Well, this is where I create my magic... HAHAH.. So if you have any suggestions how I could use my space a little better or organize my must-haves to be a bit more organized.. Please pass it on.. I'm always searching for ways to be more organized..
Happy Stamping :)


Annette said...

Okay,Lisa, I'm jealous! Wish I had some space, (even half of a room) for all my stuff instead of hidden away like it is now..sigh.. Anyway, your space looks great!

Michele said...

I love your space and YES, I agree that a basement remodel is a MUST:)

Moni said...

Hi! I am too jealous, anyway you have awesome space! Hugs, Moni