Tuesday, April 22, 2008

a huge Enabler Alert !!!!

For those of you who know me well (you know who you are)... you know that a) don't like spending money alone and b) spending money isn't hard for me to do.. especially when it comes to my stamping supplies... So at least a few days a week I'm sending emails along these lines.. did you see this or you've got to see that... did you buy anything from..... hey.. what can I say.. I'm a queen at enabling.. So where have I been spending my money lately???

Let's start at the cat's pajama's.. I love their stamps but I must confess that I haven't been able to purchase any until now... I just (((HEART))) this set "It's a mod, mod world".. ... It's so Jetson's.. I know showing my age again but what can I say.. LOL There's so much that you can do with this set... I just HAD to have it... If you just have to have it to... you can get your very own right HERE..

Now can we talk about scented embossing powder.. Yep you heard me correctly.. SCENTED Embossing powder from gel-a-tin... I picked mine up from http://www.7kidscollegefund.com/ .. scented they have Chocolate Bliss (brown) .. Bubble gum (pink) .. Cherry on top (red).. Cuppa Joe (black).. Santa's candy cane (red/ white) .. and Extra foam vanilla latte (cream) just to name a few... RUN don't walk to get your very own supply of these. The awesome thing is... the scent lasts for up to 3.. count them 3 weeks... HOW AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now for my all time favorite adhesive (this picture was taken directly from Taylor's store.. so please be sure to stop by an pay her a visit..).. I became familiar with this sticky tape adhesive over a year ago and love it.. I've even stopped buying the mono adhesives.. Why.. well, let me tell you... the tombow mono-adhesive is approximately $2.30 for 472" (13.11 yards).. which comes down to approximately .18 cents per yard.. How many times are we 1/2 way through the roll and boom... the tape breaks. Then the entire dispenser is done.. shot.. fine'e'toe.. in the garbage... This tape however is $7 for 55 yards which breaks down to approximately .13 cents per yard...And you get to use the entire 55 yards. Why, because you peel it off the roll yourself.. Be prepared though, this tape does take longer to use than the tom bow adhesive. You need to manually cut your piece and apply it to your project and then peel off the strip of paper.. On the other hand.. when you stick it... it's STUCK. this is very important when making cards with lots of layers or altered items. Overall.. this tape gets a 2 thumbs up.. I think this should keep you all busy for a few minutes..
Happy shopping from your favorite enabler :)

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Gina Wrona said...

Definately, I agree with everything you posted!