Thursday, April 3, 2008

If you could describe

something very meaningful to you in just 1 word, what would that be? I have my 3 month post-op appointment (actually it's only 2 1/2 months but don't tell his secretary).. with my surgeon.. (I actually call him my phantom surgeon because I haven't seen him since the day of my surgery. I had my GBP on a Friday so I saw the on-call doc all weekend, when I had the infection, he was on vacation.. so the on-call doc again and then because he's in the OR every day we see the PA for our normal appointments.. If it wasn't for the pain, the scars and the progress I've made since my surgery.. I'd start to wonder if he was even there.. No, JK I know he was there. I do remember talking to him in recovery.. If the word 'lots' when he asked me how much pain I was in constitutes talking..LOL) on Wednesday and wanted to bring him a little something. So this is what I came up with..

Dr. Clarke and his entire office staff are so genuinely dedicated to each and every one of their patients. Some of the office staff actually had GBP surgery so they've walked in our shoes and know what's going on. Dr. Clarke spends each and every day in the OR performing WLSurgery. His dedication to his work, to his patients and to giving us all back our lives is a true testament of the type of doctor he is..

When you meet Dr. Clarke for the first time you are overwhelmed his genuine compassion. How often do we go dread going to the Dr's? Dread listening to the same speech over and over again? You need to loose weight, your blood pressure is too high, are you exercising. Or how often do you feel like you're standing at the deli counter in line.. Take a number, the Dr doesn't even know your name, rushes you in and out like you're on an assembly line and has ZERO idea about any of your past medical history.. Never cracks a smile, never says hello.. Doesn't make you feel like a person with feelings and emotions. Personally it wasn't on my list of favorite things to do. When you meet with Dr. Clarke he sits down.. calls you by name... is extremely informative.. answers every single one of your questions and then some.. Laughs with you.. but most importantly treats you like you're his only patient for the entire day.. and because of that... is usually running very late. But how can you be upset when he gets to you and gives you that very same care. You can't.

Each frame was made using... Stamps.. Baroque Motifs & Simple Delights (both SUP) Cardstock.. Crate paper Avenue Collection/ Glam DS paper, the reverse (solid) side of the Style DS paper and Black textured SUP card stock. Ink.. NONE... Accessories.. Rub-ons (Wal-mart), versa mark, Black embossing powder, Cream 5/8" grosgrain ribbon & pewter hardware.

Enjoy.. Happy Stamping

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Those frames are awesome! Dr. Clark sounds like he'll be proud to display them in his office for everyone to see.