Monday, August 4, 2008

Enabler Alert... NOT

Disclaimer.. what I'm about to say in this post is my own personal opinion based on my own personal experience. I do not work for nor am I paid by any of the companies below. This is just 1 stampers opinion... :)

I am often asked (since I am one of the queens of stamping supplies.. LOL) to help enable my stamping friends and pass on where and what to buy.. I am very quick to pass on the AWESOME websites and my own personal top must haves.. But occasionally (lucky it's more like in-frequently than occasionally, but I will stick with occasionally).. I come across a website that I have to say "Run like the devils chasing you".... and save yourself the headache ... sadly, that time has come again..

When Shannan posted THIS CARD using this adorable Quotopia set.. I went to the website "The Purple Turtle Shop" AKA.. Inque Boutique.. and grabbed myself a set.. I'm sorry to report, that was a bad move on my part.. I won't go into all of the specifics but I will say that their customer service is seriously lacking. After not receiving my order and multiple emails and phone calls with no response to either.. (at the time of this posting .. still no response.. I actually had a customer service rep on the phone who assured me she would call me back within a few minutes... Well, some 3 1/2 days later I still had not received that returned phone call)... I have decided to cancel my order with them and cease doing business with The Purple Turtle Shop.. I feel it's my duty that if I'm going to refer you someplace it had better be a place I will personally buy from... And this is not one...

However, on a happier note.. I will pass along a few websites that put their customers and the service they provide their customers first and foremost..

Dick at HM Stamps... He is A++ Awesome. He quickly responds to emails and orders (when I say quickly.. if someone responds that very same day, that to me is quick service).. He mails your orders quickly, and even asks you to let him know when you receive them. This is definitely someplace you need to shop for your Penny Black and House Mouse stamps...

Next is Unity Stamps.. Angela is Superb.. I have never had bad service from Angela and she will go above and beyond to ensure you're happy with your order. and

Finally.... 7kidscollegefund... Love that name. I wonder if she really has 7 kids... Her prices are comparable.. Shipping is super fast... I'm a got to have it now er.. so when I get my stamps just a few days after placing an order.. That puts them at the top of my list any day. I love the gelatins embossing powders I got from here.

So run don't walk on over to HM Stamps, Unity Stamps and 7kidscollegefund and check out what they have..


Julie said...

Sonshine Craft carries the entire line of Inque Boutique.

Jo said...

Thankfully, I didn't have any problems when I shopped at Inque Boutique so hopefully your experience was not the norm!