Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Have you wondered

where I've been... Here I'll give you a hint....

and another..

Have you guessed yet? I've been on a mini-vacation 'cabin'ing' in the beautiful Adirondacks. I can't say I was camping because as you can see... we had a wonderful cabin in the woods. With all of the luxuries of home.. Living room/ Dining room/ Kitchen combination.. Bathroom with indoor plumbing. 2 bed rooms, a beautiful gas fireplace in the living room to warm my cold piggies.. And most importantly electricity and HEAT.. Nope, not camping... cabin'ing.. LOL
Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the 'do not feed the bear's' sign that was hanging on the tree across from our cabin. Although, Saturday night we threw caution to the wind and ended up leaving our dessert table full of goodies out all night. Nope not even 1 bear was attacked to all of the sweet goodies. Trust me.. I doubt I really wanted to see a bear up close and personal anyway. I probably would have passed out in fear if one walked by our cabin.

Even though I don't particularly consider myself a type A personality I have to say that with work, family, 2 dogs, church, friends, stamping, gardening.. I don't have much time where I find myself sitting around doing nothing and just listening. I took this past weekend to do just that. Here's a couple pictures I took from my chair on the dock. For the longest time I sat there just listening to my i-pod... Then I went up to the cabin, grabbed my book and took it down on the dock and read for what seemed like the longest time.

During the day the weather was magnificent... You can see just how blue the sky was and the reflection off the lake.. But at night.. OHHHHHHHH did it get cold.. I found myself inside by 9 each night warming my feet on the hearth of the fireplace. I think we were the only cabin with some of the windows open and the fireplace going.. Since it was gas and regulated by the thermostat that was the only way to keep it going.. LOL
I'm sorry to say that I won't be getting much stamping done this week either. Friday I'm off again for 3 days to Jiminy Peak Ski Resort in MA for a scapbooking weekend. I've never been and can't wait. Although, amongst the scrappers I'll be stamping my Christmas cards.. LOL you can take the stamper to a scraping event, but you'll never take the stamp pad out of the stamper.. LOL I'll be spending the next few days planning and packing for what I'll be doing this weekend. So stay tuned for more fun pictures of this weeks adventure.
Hugs everyone and until I return.. Happy Stamping :)

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