Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm home and boy

am I exhausted. I need a weekend just to sleep..
Wow was Jiminy Peak eventful... here's a joke for you.. what do you get when you put 2 blonde's in a car.. 1 driving and 1 co-piloting? LOST !!! WHOOPS.. somehow we missed that right turn to stay on 43 East and ended up who knows where. Luckily there was a very nice man walking down the road and got us back to where we needed to be..LOL a 45 minute ride only took us just over an hour and a half... WHOOPSIES !!!!! Hey at least we asked directions..
Friday night I make a bunch of boxes in a bag as Halloween goodie bags. They are just adorable.. So now I guess you'll have to come back over the next few days to see them and to get the instructions.. :)
Saturday after working on my Christmas cards for a few hours you'll never believe what I did..
(((look to left))).. .I was here.. At the very tippy top of Jiminy Peak. We road the ski lift all the way to the top. Now trust me, that's something I never would have even considered doing last year at this time and 125+ pounds heavier. But this year, you couldn't stop me. I must say, the top of the mountain was beautiful.. But damn was it cold. As you look at the picture to the left, that brown cluster in the middle of the picture. That's the resort... Now can you imagine how high up we were. Going up was fun.. Going back down was not as much fun. The wind was blowing in our faces going down which made if very cold. I was numb by the time we got to the bottom

Here's another picture of me on the ski lift heading back down the mountain. The resort looks like an ant farm..
Hey do you like my sneakers?

And just 1 more to give you a good look going down... Wayyyyyyy down..

If that wasn't excite enough for 1 day... for the rest of the day on Saturday I finished all of my Christmas cards. It was about 9:30 or 10 and I was getting exhausted. I told my BFF Jeanine that I was going to finish up putting the glassy glaze on my cards to that they could dry overnight and then I was heading back to the room.. a few minutes later we heard this strange noise above us... We looked up and suddenly water was POURING out of the ceiling through the light fixture right onto our table.. Wholly Mother of God... I started grabbing my cards, throwing them on the table behind me.. And everyone just started grabbing supplies and buckets. It was a nightmare. I went downstairs to the front desk and they could have cared a less. Finally a maintenance man went upstairs to the restaurant above us and came back and said they spilt a little water.. WHAT .. it wasn't spilt water and it wasn't a little...

Let's just say that after a lot of fighting back and forth, Jiminy Peak has finally agreed to reimburse us for our damaged and destroyed supplies. No thanks to Renee (the Creative Memories) leader who shot her mouth off and now their not comp'ing us our room... YIPEE... we got to pay to stay in a room and have most of our supplied destroyed. Hell, I could have stayed home for free and not be out of pocket a few hundred dollars.. But as Renee said.... (keep in mind this coming from a digital scrapbooker.. sorry all you digi-scrapbookers she's making you all look bad) .. It was only paper... Yeah.. Right.. Only paper.. But that's a whole nother story I'm saving to share as a scary camp fire story.. This is a picture of the ceiling about a half hour to an hour after the leak.. you can see the bubbling in the ceiling from the water.. and the spots on the light fixture. that's still water dripping... Oh well.. live and learn..
The only advice I can give is that if you ever have the opportunity (or are part of the Creative Memories group going this weekend to Jiminy Peak) to go to Jiminy Peak scrapbooking.. ONLY keep out what you don't mind getting destroyed due to someones carelessness...
The weekend seemed to just go downhill (literally...LOL) from there. Sunday I woke up with a sinus headache that could have stopped an oncoming train.
I'm just so glad to be home and glad this weekend is behind me.. Now I can just look forward to the fun adventures I have coming up in November.. A stamping day in Syracuse on the 8th and then NYC baby on the 29th..
Come back over the next few days to check out my projects. I still repairing some of them.... But I think you'll enjoy them..
Happy Stamping everyone..

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