Thursday, October 30, 2008

Since I've been slacking lately

I don't know why.. I just have been.. I have plenty of mojo.. just no ambition with it getting so COLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDD out... JEEZE..we've already had snow here in upstate NY and my DH was actually worried about plowing already.. Lord help us all. I so dislike bad weather....
Well, since I've been such a slacker the only thing I can do is offer up a little blog candy and send you in the direction of some other candy as well..

First... Please go check out
Michelle's blog.. She's offering up a some luscious candy.. I love her (met her last year in Syracuse) and her blog... She's just awesome..
And now for me...
Please leave a comment here on this thread for a chance to win some scrumptious candy (what exactly will be determined later).. I have a whole pile of goodies in my stamproom.. I would love to know what your plans are for the fall? As you know I've been running myself ragged lately and this weekend is no exception. I'm so looking forward to the calmness starting Monday..
And since I'm feeling overly generous (oh heck.. I just feel really bad that I've been slacking so much with my blog).. If you post a link to my candy on your blog (have your reader's comment that you referred them) your name will go into a separate drawing for more goodies.. Each time your name is mentioned, you will get an additional chance to win.
My drawing will be Saturday November 8th... Good Luck... I'll post pic's of my candy sometime this weekend..

Happy Stamping :)


maiahs_momma said...

Lol, looks like I am the first one to post something...oh well that is okay :). Just wanted to let you know that I posted about your blog candy on my blog:

I also told everyone who comes to your blog to let you know that I sent em. Thakns for this chance to win some goodies.


Bunny B said...

I came from maiahs_momma's blog :)
(Hi Catherine!)
I've blogged:

bunnybx at gmail . com

Stitchinwitch said...

Well I came here from bunny B's blog
I've blogged about you (and other candy) here

Tracey ( said...

wonderful blog!!
I came here from stitchinwitch blog!!
I've add a link to your blog here:

Happy Crafter said...

Hi there, sent me
i am of to tell about it on my blog :) here
Val xxx

Happy Crafter said...

should read stitchinwich's sent me sorry about that but if you click on the link it takes you there :)
Val xxx

Mel said...

Hi i know how you feel with the cold for some reason i just can`t get into the swing latley , lookingforward to the sparkly lights of christmas to add some cheer to the dark cold days :)
O and i came via happy crafters blog (my mum)
Well hoipe you feel brighter soon off to leave a link,
Hugs Mel

mamichelle said...

I was referred by Stitchin Witch. (

Love your blog!

Kathy H said...

Oh blog candy...I love candy....

Moni said...

Awesome blog you have! Thanks for the chance to win your goodies, i will post on my blog! Hugs, Moni

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog candy. Thanks for a chance to win. The link on Happy Crafter's blog brought me here.
Will post the link on my blog now
Have a great day

Pam's Pride said...

Thanks for entering me! Off to link you up to my blog!

Sena said...

I came from Bunny B's blog! :)

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy your blog....and now blog candy....what a treat! We had a beautiful weekend, spent the time cleaning out the RV before putting it away for winter. Now it's time to start cleaning the house that has been ignored this summer.Gotta start those Christmas cards started too.

bumblebee creations said...

HI-I came to you from my own blog-hehe. I will post your candy on my blog as well, and thank you for entering mine=good luck!! Fall seems so short, It seems like I go to work right after it gets light out, and come home in the dark!! So not too many plans other than work, work, work... : ) Gotta pay for this obsession somehow though -huh?

Anonymous said...

WOOOOOW!! Your blog is fantastic sweetie, your crafty things are brilliant!! i've linked your blog to mine and put a blog candy notice up, thanks for giving us the chance to enter this!! hugs carlz xxxx

Pat S. said...

Hi Lisa!
I just read about your very sad awful :(
Hope things are looking better today!
Thank you for a chance to win goodies...and thanks for a fun blog :)

Gina Wrona said...

Hi Lisa!

Sorry I don't have a blog to post your candy, and sorry to hear your very sad news.

My plans for the fall have been crazy w/2 kids, working fulltime and teaching 2nd grade cathecism, YIKES! By Sunday each week I just collapse, kwim?

Thanks for the chance to play.
Gina Wrona

redstampinsam said...

Hey, go easy on yourself. Everyone needs to take some time now and then to reorganize and rejuvinate themselves. You'll be sparkling with glitter in no time and I can't wait to see what you come up with.

hello gorgeous said...

hi inkerdoodles, just popped over from Stitchinwitch's blog, it's exciting entering for blog candy and not knowing what it is. Haven't won any candy before so keeping everything crossed! :D Ditto with the bad weather and a HUGE thumbs up for your weight loss, pop over to mine when you have five mins, take care xxxxxxxxx

Jelena said...

What beautiful blog candy! The winner will certainly be a happy camper!
I love your's fantastic!
Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

Charlie said...

Hi thanks for the chance to win i have been sent her by mel from mad4creations (my mum)
Charlie xxx

Barbi said...

Thanks for candy. :)

You candy is bloged at my place:


Jelena said...

The winner will certainly be a happy camper! Your new blog looks fantastic!
I love your's fantastic!
Thanks for the opportunity to win :)
I posted about your blog candy on my blog:

Cazzy said...

Am I just in time? I don't have many plans for fall, just the usual Christmas meals go to family, family come to us!

I came here from Bumblebee's blog today and I am going to add a link on my blog but they all better be quick!

KimCreates said...

My fall has quickly turned into winter here in Iowa! First snow was today...but I won't let it get me down. I'm spending my spare time this fall working on Christmas paper crafting projects. Just LOVE to get out that red and green paper! BTW - thank you for the tip about iTunes! I plan to back up tonight!

KSinMT said...

I don't have a blog but I like the look of yours!!Kathy

dannette said...

Oh, how fun! I would love to win your sweet candy! Great Blog! Ive linked you at my blog! Thanks a bunch, Hugs, Dannette

Cheri Howard said...

You're linked up at The Paper Freak. I've also put a note for my readers to say I sent them. Thanks!

Annelies said...

Here's my link . Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Sandra said...

Dear Lisa
You've got very nice blog!!!!

Thanke you for the chance to win a blog candy.

I've come from the Dannie's blog


Pam's Pride said...

This fall I am getting ready for my new baby coming in Feb and starting to get ready for winter and Christmas! Linked you up to my blog!