Monday, October 29, 2007

I seem to have lost my.. Mojo..

I don't know what's happened to me. My mojo is gone.. G-O-N-E gone. Between my dang darn'it tooth, my up coming oral surgery, work, dr's appointment's and today's trip to the vampire for 9 vials of blood (I'm starting to wonder if she left me with any).. My mojo has completely disappeared. I'm exhausted and not happy with anything I create. With that being said.. Thanks for listening. Some time we just need to vent a little. I'm wondering if that lab technician .. you know the one who had to stick me twice today and left a big o'le black sore bruise on the side of my arm may have acutually sucked my mojo out of me by mistake. She certainly didn't get much blood the first time. :( It's official.. I'm sad...

The good news is.. I did make this card last week using my new Stem Silhouettes set from the Holiday Mini catalog. Sorry it seems to be a little dark. If I get a good picture of it tomorrow with my 'crappy' camera (can you hear me MOM !!!!) I'll swap out the picture. In the mean time.. This card uses...

Stamp Set... Stem Silhouette's
Card Stock.. Ruby Red, Very Vanilla & ?? DS paper
Ink.. Creamy Caramel & Ruby Red
Accessories.. Martha Stewart Putty Twill Ribbon

The other good news is ... Have you checked out Gina K's blog lately? She's rolling out a new blog and new webstore on the first. I'm very excited. She's also looking for guest designers (Alex and Teresa.. hint hint).. Please go check her out.

So, if you happen to see my mojo.. Please ask it to come home. I miss it, my stamps miss it.. Were lonely with out it.. Or, if you can send me a little mojo.. I'd be very happy.. :) Ok, I'm off to pout now. Poor Me...


Aunt T said...

Oh no! I hope you find your Mojo soon :) I am planning to order from Gina K as soon as I see the new items ready to be sold! I do have some neat projects planned and can't wait to play!


Debbie said...

Dearest Lisa: You've probably been burning the candle at both ends and your mojo just needs to rest (chocolate always does the trick for me). I love you card!

And let me know if your mother doesn't get you that new camera for Christmas because otherwise I will!!

Pat S. said...

Oh...this card is so pretty...I really like the Ruby Red and Caramel together!

Chocolate usually does the trick for me too :)

Along with browsing my favorite artists blogs and SCS...which is what brought me here today :)