Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wait until you see how fabulous these R..

We all know that at each an every moment we are completely surrounded by so much TALENT .. But I have to say... On Saturday there was so much talent in that room that it was over-flowing out the doors and into the street. The only way anyone could have left Saturday's get together without being inspired would be if they were dead.. And trust me... Every single person in that room was living and breathing... Thank goodness... LOL Here are my favorite 'non' card projects from Saturday.. Enjoy the inspiration.

I was very fortunate to be at table 3 with Judy.. She is such an inspiration. This "Fantasy Box" was her swap for the day. This looks difficult but when you sit down, read the instructions a couple times, and set all of your supplies out in front of you. It's really not as bad as it seems..
Here's a link to the instructions for the box.. Thank you Stubby Stampers.
This is the folded completed box.

And this is what the box looks like when it's unfolded.. Judy pre-folded the inside 4 boxes for us but we made the top & bottom. These boxes are pretty much identical to Kristina's origami boxes.. just on a smaller scale. What I loved about this project was the colors. The red, light tan and vanilla were superb.
And finally... here's a sneak peek into how the box folds in on it's self. You can see in the above open photo that there's 1 small strip that is not decorate. This is basically the 'flap' for lack of a better term... that folds the box together. When you put the top and bottom on it.. Viola'.. I showed this to my BFF on Sunday and she was shocked when she opened it. I'm thinking of using this for my mom's birthday present in November and filling each box with a little bling bling.. You know mother's always love Jewelry.

Kim.. You are such a genus.. I love these ornaments. These are definitely on my holiday to-do list.. They may even end up being gift tags... Who knows.. You can take this idea and just go with it..
Kim used the Big On Christmas stamp set... With a little dashing designer series paper.. If you want to pick up these tins for CHEEEEEP.... (I know it's spelt 'ea' p ... but these are so cheep I'm chirping)... Creativexpress.. 3 tins for $1.. that's .33 cents each.. Add a little snow... punch a hole with your crop-a-dile for the ribbon and Viola.. I just love these.. (jumping up and down)..

This is the same thing.. I was just trying to show you the snow a little better...
And now we have our 'ghoulish.. nugget boxes'.. I believe these may be band-aid containers.. But I may be incorrect..
And when you open it... Look what pops out at you... I spider. This is the cutest.. Of course their Hershey nuggets wrapped in designer series paper.
And last but by no means least.. a post-it-note holder that looks like one of my favorite things... A purse.. Using what else.. Coasters. The holes were made using a crop-a dile and the closure held on with Velcro. What an idea..
Here's what the inside looks like..
I hope your all inspired to make something other than a card today..
Have a wonderful Thursday. I'm off to the oral surgeon later :( I know I've mentioned many times in the past about a tooth problem I'm having.. Hopefully we can finally do something about it.. :)
Happy Stamping !!!


Courtney Fowler said...

Oh my goodness! That's all I can say! :)

Aunt T said...

Thanks for posting these. I haven't had a chance to get my pictures downloaded yet. My table had some awesome shoeboxes but it looks like I missed a ton of them too!