Sunday, June 8, 2008

Scooter Dog

Happy Sunday... Can you say the air is thicker than peanut butter.. Where did our spring go? On day 60-70 the next day.... OPPRESSIVE HUMIDITY and 90' .... YIKES.. Needless to say, my DH put the a/c in the bedroom last night and we cranked on the rest of the house. I was only outside long enough to walk from the car to the gym and back again... We had a cookout at friends last evening and we all stayed inside around the a/c... I (((HEART))) the change of seasons here in the northeast but the humidity in the summer I could do without....

So guess what I've been doing since you can't breathe if you go outside? Well, the stamp room yeppers is all neat and tidy. But I do need a better system for all of my scraps of paper. And I've been stamping with a few adorable stamps I picked up at HM Stamps. These are from the Penny Black 2001 collection. I have BEEhave... Ever So Sorry (can't wait to give that one a try)... and drum roll please..... SCOOTER DOG... I've been taking Michelle Wooderson's advice and making multiples of cards when I need to make 1. I have a plan for the extras but I can't tell you right now... SHHHH don't want to give away the surprise.

Here's a picture of all 4...Can you tell I've been mastering the coloring with my Copic Markers?

Now for the nitty gritty... LOL For this card I started with a base of Whisper White card stock... from there I addedd a mat of Lemon Tart (It's hard to tell, but this I used my score-pal and created a criss cross pattern.. you can definitely see the pattern going from left to right.. but it's also going from right to left).. Then Scooty as I prefer to call him was matted on Spring Moss (PTI) and Whisper White (SUP) card stock. Next Scooty was stamped in my Black Noir Pallet ink and colored in Copic Markers.. I will edit this post later with the colors I used. The list is upstairs.. Next using my large and small (SUP) oval punches I stamped my happiness stamp in Black Noir Pallet ink and punched out the sentiment. Now it was time to assemble. For the ribbon I choose a wide grosgrain in Spring Moss (PTI) and then a thinner twill in Lemon Tart (also from PTI) and thin White Grosgrain (SUP) . Instead of tying one bow, I decided to give it that little extra flare and use 2... You can see in the big picture I used a criss cross of the ribbon as well (to compliment the criss cross pattern on the lemon tart). Once everything was assembled my final touch was to add the sentiment using pop-up glue dots to give it that little punch off the card.. I hope you all enjoy it...

Speaking of Lemon Tarts.. I have been dying for a delicious summer dessert lately... And finally I found one that I can tolerate... It's called Lemon Icebox Pie... I must share ....

Lemon Icebox Pie
  • 1 box sugar-free Vanilla Instant pudding... I really wanted the lemon flavor so I choose to use sugar-free Lemon Instant pudding..
  • 1 tub Crystal Light Lemonade... You could experiment with different flavors... or if your silly like me and buy the individual packets of sugar-free kool-aid (the ones used for the 16.9 oz smaller bottles of water).. use 4 of those...
  • 1 cup skim milk
  • 8 oz softened reduced fat cream cheese... I used Fat Free cream cheese and you couldn't even tell the difference
  • 1 12oz container sugar-free Cool Whip, thawed
  • 12 pre-made graham cracker tartlet shells... or 1 large graham cracker shell if you'd like to make it as 1 pie..
  • raspberries to garnish
Mix first 3 ingredients together. Gently add in the softened cream cheese. When blended well and smooth... Fold in the Cool Whip. Spoon into gram cracker shell(s) .. chill or freeze.This sets up like a mousse and is so fluffy and refreshing.
Try it topped with fresh berries or warm jam drizzled over the top.

Calories 102; total fat 6.1 g; Carbs 7.7 g; sugars 6 g; protein 4.4 g (without crust).. this calculation is using the reduced fat cream cheese their even lighter with the fat free cream cheese.

This is a definite keeper... If anyone has a fabulous sugar free dessert recipe Please share...

Happy Stamping :)

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