Monday, November 3, 2008

It's a very sad day

I'm not sure how many of you are aware but a week before I went to Jpeak (the sky is falling, the sky is falling... whoops sorry a little regression) my 'puter crashed and burnt. Well, a friend was able to fix it.. but in doing so, he had to basically re-load (if that's even the correct terminology) it.... So since the only thing I used it for was my pictures (from Snapfish), my I-tunes (which is what it was trying to upload the latest version of when it crashed and went to the blue screen of death) and the Internet.... there wasn't much he had to reload on it..
Now being completely computer illiterate as I am.... I was under the impression that my I-tunes was saved out in the intergalactic galaxy known as apple I-tunes so all was good. I made my mind up that as of today I was heading back to the gym. In preparation last night I thought (there I go again.. thinking) it would be a good idea to download a few more songs and charge my I-POD.....
WELL WHOLLY MOTHER OF GOD... I had no idea that your I-tunes are saved on the hard drive of your 'puter..... So when your 'puter crashes ... EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR SONGS ARE G-O-N-E GONE... so when you plug in your I-pod it freaking erases your songs..... OMG.... So here I am thinking.. well, I bought all close to 300 songs from Apple I-tunes, I must be able to get them back RIGHT !!! .. Oh no, go read the disclaimer (here I'll give you the brief jaw dropping version).. Oh no my friend, you can only download your music once. If you need to do it more than that... break out the ole' wallet yet again... But in order to save yourself from this .. hmm what was the word they used.. oh yes... 'regrettable situation'... Regrettable situation.. GIVE ME BACK MY MUSIC I PURCHASED FROM YOUR STORE!!! ... is to make regular back ups of your music and video files... A little late now apple wouldn't you say... you should have told me that before my 'puter tried to sync to my I-pod and wiped it all away.... So right now my glorious I-pod that I loved so dearly is blank and has nothing to say to just sits on my desk staring at me...heartless and empty.... Now the only thing I can do is take it to my 13 YO niece and see if she can download some music to it so that once again my beloved friend will be able to sing to me.. Please learn from me.... back up your I-pod regularly.. How you do that I have no freaking clue...
Since I spent last night hyperventilating and soaking in a nice hot bath (which didn't make it any better) I didn't have a chance to download my pic's of all of my projects... Sorry :( But here's an awesome consolation recipe to share.. This is soooooo yummy. It tastes just like my grandma's pumpkin roll....
Microwave Pumpkin Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting... (Thank you OH)
¼ cup egg beaters
1/4 cup canned pumpkin
3 tbsp whole wheat flour
2 tbsp SF caramel syrup (DaVinci or Torani) .. I used SF caramel ice cream topping
2 packets Splenda
2 tbsp nuts/berries trail mix, chopped
Several good shakes of pumpkin pie spice
2 tbsp SF vanilla or butterscotch pudding mix powder
3 tbsp vanilla soy milk
1 scoop Vanilla Unjury whey protein isolate
Mix dry ingredients-- pour into wet ingredients in a glass measuring cup. Do NOT cook in plastic-- it heats too fast. Cook 4-5 minutes on HIGH. Let it cool, dump it out and slice it-- I'd slice into 3 or 4 slices. (I made 3 thicker ones)


1 oz FF cream cheese per layer of cake (you make 2 slices of cake, double this, etc.)
drop of vanilla extract
splash of caramel DaVincia (or SF caramel topping again)
a little soy milk until spreadable
Mix with a spoon until clumps are gone and spread on a cool cake slice. Tastes better when you let it refrigerate a bit.
NUTRITION (this is a rough estimate) PER SLICE (if you make THREE slices!)
141 calories
2.25 fat
13.3 carbs
15.4 protein
TTY all tomorrow...
WHOOPS.. I almost forgot.. scroll down to my next post.. Don't forget to enter there (not here but comment on that post) for a chance to win my blog candy.. These pictures will also be posted later today/ tomorrow am..

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