Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I'm lost amongst the MESS !!!

Ok, I'll admit.. Besides having the nickname... Becky Homecky... I think Hurricane Lisa or Messy Marvin would also be appropriate. This is what my stamp room looks like after making all of my projects for the holidays... What a MESS !!!! I'm somewhere buried amongst all of the boxes, scrap papers and just plain ole' garbage..

Even Carter doesn't know what to think of the mess !!!
So, with that being said... I WILL NOT allow myself to make so much as an paperclip until this mess is clean.. The good news is.. I started last night and made a pretty good dent in it. Soooo... until I'm allowed to stamp again don't forget to go check out this post to enter to win some awesome blog candy... Wish me luck !!!!
Tomorrow I will post more of my holiday projects so don't forget to stop by and check them out... :)
Happy Stamping

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tyrymom29 said...

Dont feel Bad Mine looks alot worse ..........LOL !!! Its not that bad !!!