Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day... 3... We need you to come down to the police station for a

Line up... Apparently there have been some mischievous elves, snowmen and reindeer in the neighborhood and we were hoping you'd be able to identify them in a line up.... Apparently Santa's little helpers have been blowing off a little steam and whooping it up around town....
First we have our snowmen.... They have been charged with stealing carrots from the reindeer's and using them for who knows what... You can tell that some of the snowmen have ...can we say over indulged in the apple-tini's as they used the line up to salute, waive at the photographer and strangely throw 'snowballs' at each other.
Mr. Reindeer can you identify which snowman stole your carrots......
And now we have our elves..... a little over indulgence in the malt liquor (I know but that's their drink of choice).... and look what happens.... One elf pulled the beanie hat down over the eyes of another, gave him a wedgie and all heck broke loose... Now they all stand here praying Santa will be lenient on them..

Can you tell who the ring leader of the group is?
And last but not least we have our reindeer... Who after over indulging on Mike's hard lemonade were retaliating against the snowmen.. since there may be children present.... we'll just leave it as a public display of lewdness.... a few of our snowmen are now a little 'yellow'.....
Sadly one ring leader found it be very funny.... Can you tell which one that was?
So now the jail is packed full of reindeer, elves and snowmen sleeping it off.... Tomorrow we'll send them back to the North Pole to let Santa deal with them...
Until then.. Their mug shots will be posted all over the Internet
and sent out on my Christmas cards.... If this is what they do in mid-November.. Can you imagine what they do on December 26th?
Are you ready for hint #3...... November 17 - 24th.... Has anyone figured out what it is yet? The first person to guess correctly will win an New Unmounted Stamp Set... Which I will reveal on day 5.
Happy stamping everyone..

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Anonymous said...

hahahahha! I LOVE this!! LOVE it!! What an awesome post. I love how you embossed the snowmen. I'm going to have to try that next week.