Monday, November 10, 2008

We have winnah'ssssssssssssss

Congratulations... and thank you to eveyrone who entered my blog candy give aways... We have 2 winner's.. Wanna see what they won?
Our first winner... is.... DRUM ROLL PLEASE !
Dannette from Dannie's Creative Outlet
She won.. Orchid micro beads, a Flavia embellishment set, Creative Memories petal passion kit, White and Black Stampin Up Magic mesh, a package of tags, prima flowers and 2 white and 2 silver snowflakes.
And, my 2nd winner (for linking me to her blog is)..
Bumblebee Creations..
She won... primsmacolor pencils. blending stump, sharpeners, Stampin Up Art decor rubon, 2 silver and 2 white snowflakes, natural Stampin Up majic mesh, a magnetic clipboard with pen, cork alphabet letters and blue micro beads.
Congratulations ladies.. Please email me your snail mail address and I will get these shipped off to you.
and now on a personal note.. You will never believe what I fell into yesterday.. Are you ready.. Can you guess what this is? Can you say a primitive Hoosier.... And how much would you think I paid for this....

$30.... Yep you read that right.. No typo here. 30 / $1 bills.... I was shocked. I love it. I'm not quite done decorating it... But I still love it.
Happy Stamping everyone !!


dannette said...

Awesome find! I get so happy when I get bargains like this! Congrats! Dannette

bumblebee creations said...

Helloooooo!! Wow was I surprised to see my name up there as a winner!!! Thank you very much!! I am so excited- and I was just reading up on the blending stumps the other day-as I didn't know what they were used for!! I am also looking through your blog and wondering if I am losing my mind, as I know I commented the other day aobut some tilda images- if you run out of the ones that have already been stamped for you, I would be happy to stamp some more for you-but I can't find it-am wondering if for some reason I messed up and it didn't get sent? I was so happy to see another as excited about tilda as I am!!