Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Congratulations Cheryl for paying it forward...
I printed out all of the PIF comments and we voted right after dinner on Sunday and by an almost unanimous decision... CHERYL.. you were the winner.. Cheryl pays it forward through the scrapbooking swaps that she participates in by adding more than what the swap calls for.
We felt that the recipients of your swaps must feel extra special when they receive your package.
Cheryl please email me your snail mail address and a special package will be on it's way to you :)


CAKVD said...

I am SO excited!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! This was a great contest, and paying it forward is a lot of fun. Plus, it is catching, so others start doing it too! I'll send you an email.

Dawn Mercedes said...

Congrats to Cheryl!! Way to go!