Thursday, April 12, 2007

No stampin' yesterday

I tried my hardest I really really did.. But I just couldn't drag myself up those stairs to my stamp room to do any stamping.. I did though manage to drag myself to the computer and sit there for an hour persuing through my favorite blogs. Ok Ok Ok... stamping took thinking and I didn't have enough energy to think. Well that is until I came across Michelle's Mish Mash blog. I have to tell you.. Michelle is one of my all time favorite stampers. You must go check out her gallery on SCS. I just love her. And ohhh... she regularly makes stampers showcase on SUP! if that tells you anything..

In honor of my 'no stamping Wednesday'. Michelle has won my 'you were able to drag me away from my stamp room award'. (wink ;0 wink ;0).. Yesterday Michelle posted a bunch of wonderful idea's on how to get those creative juices flowing. Please Please Please go check out
her blog. I found it to be extremely informative and I'm going to give some of her idea's a try.. After reading her blog the first thing I did was run over to Eclecticpaperie (I know... it really wasn't running but I was typing pretty fast) and ordered the Ranger Adirondack Acyclic Paint Daubers in lemonade, pink sherbet, willow and aqua as well as a bunch of my favorite Cosmo Cricket and Daisy D's papers.. At least that's all I can remember ordering.. You know me and my obsessions.. I may have ordered more.. LOL I then moseyed on down to Staples and picked up my very own composition grid paper notebook. By this point I was wearing my ever sooo snazzy ducky pj bottoms and sweatshirt.. (where's Stacy and Clinton when you need them? side note.. feel free to nominate me for an intervention I'm all in... this is what happens when you get me out of the house after 7 PM... LOL.. please take pity and say a small prayer for all of those who had to bear to witness atrocity) . My plan is to give Michelle's sketch book idea a try.. I'll let you all know how it works.. :)

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Michelle Wooderson said...

Well, well, well......I see I have done my job! I have successfully influenced others to shop as impulsively as I do...PJ's? Awesome!!!!!!!! I'm very happy to hear all the nice comments you have given me. Bethie sent me to your blog, it's great!!!!!!!! I hope you enjoy that sketch book, I love mine!!!! Just get started...I sketch ideas that I see in magazines, catalogs, SCS challenges, etc. Doesn't matter, just do it! Have fun.