Saturday, April 21, 2007

Happy Spring Fling to MEEEEEE

So I get home yesterday.. Long week but Happy it's Friday, Happy it was a 'Pay Day", Happy I have gal's coming over to make lunch box tins (check out tomorrow's post for all of their goodies.. whoops, side tracked).. I NEED TO VACUUM.. I round my corner, come up along my drive way and what to do I see.. This hu-mamoth (my very new word for just how big this box was) box on my front steps.... And for a split second I wonder what my darling hubby ordered for the car this time. I had absolutely no idea that such a huge box would be for me. So I get out of the car and when I go to pick it up what do I see??? It's for ME... Can you believe it??? MEMEMEMEMEME !!!!! and it's from SUE JENSEN.. my spring flinger.. So once I picked my jaw up off the ground and got the door open I couldn't get it to the kitchen counter fast enough.. Now where is that darn diggy camera... Ok, found it.. Now I can start to open. You'll never ever in a million trillion godzillion years believe the presents she sent me.. Here goes.. For your viewing pleasure..

Here's the global picuture taken from the plane that was flying ove head.. LOL So that you can get a good look I broke it down into 2 smaller pics.

Here on the left we have.. An entire paper of Dutch Girl paper from one of my all time fave companies... Cosmo Cricket.. I have a few projects already planned for this.. A neat purse, a 6x6 stack of Basic Grey "Stella Rubby Paper"... a Stampin Caddy.. only 3 letter's can describe this WOW.. The newest issue of Paper Crafts (got to check this out, many great idea's inside..) a Happy Birthday Box.. This will be great for my sticky notes and it's nice and big.. And finally a big clothes's pin (AKA my newest card display holder). The clothes pin, box and purse are all coordinating with "au chocolate" paper.. YIPEE... Now scanning to the right side of the photo...

We have a stack of home made cards, ribbon, 2 stickles, 2 chocolate eggs from See's.. (I've heard about this company and now I've tasted it.. YUMMY, were down to only 1 egg right now. Mr. Pink box has already met his demise).. and finally.. my most favorite of all.. My very own name plate..

Lisa's Happy Place..

This is for my stamp room and I have the perfect place already picked out for it..

Sue.. YOUR THE BEST !!! Thank you Thank you Thank you... !!!!


Debbie said...

You are one lucky girl!!!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Whoa...there is bound to be a lot of creative stuff happening with this huge lot! Nice job spring fling pal!

Trish D said...

Yay for you!!!!!!