Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's my Party....

And I'll sing if I want to.. For all of you on the verge of 40 I am happy to report that when I woke the morning, there was no mustache, my boobs were in the same place they were yesterday (get your minds out of the gutter.. whoops that was my mind).. My butt from what I can tell, did not head south.. I reportedly snored the same last night as I've done every other night, and fabulously no grey hair (hahahah, you can't tell cause it's foiled..) So basically.. There was no change. I look the same as I did yesterday (I'm not quite sure if that's good or bad) and many many days before that.. So far today I've received emails sporting grim reapers and had my mother play the 'death march' on the phone instead of singing Happy Birthday.. The day can only get better.. It's certainly much better for (drum roll...)... comment # 15
Cindy Vernon..
Cindy said.. "Love the flip flop cards and the tutorials. Great job! "..
Cindy, you have won a $10 gift certificate from Eclectic Paperie.
Ah shucks, we didn't hit the 5K views.. so the other $10 gift certificate will be awarded to one lucky subscriber (or) someone who sends someone over to my blog when we hit the 5K mark (which we all know won't take long).. Off to celebrate some more.. :)

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lindsalita said...

Happy Birthday girl!!!