Saturday, September 8, 2007

What did you do today???

Happy Saturday..... Here we what the 3 H's again... Hazy... Hot... and say it with me.. Humid.. Oh how I dislike this weather. There's so many things I'd like to get done in my garden (weeding comes to mind) but as I stand in my kitchen and slowly slide open the sliding glass door.. NOPE I'm staying in the A/C... quick slam the door.. don't let any heat in...

I spent the day in my friend's stamp room.. She's been working for quite a while to turn her guest bedroom into a guest bedroom / stamp room and she was finally to the point of "organizing" her stamping supplies.. I have been promising her I'd help and honestly it was fun. We shared lots of laughs and fabulous stamping talk. When we were done she was all organized. Keep watching this week for pictures. She promised me she would take some this weekend for me to post. I have to say though... if you thought I was addicted to stamping supplies.. I am a novist compared to Pat.. LOL She could not buy so much as another sticker for the next 6 months and still never run out of paper and supplies.. :)

Are you starting to wonder if I'm just going to ramble on and on.. NAH... I do have some fun pictures to post.. but a quick story first. I've talked in the past about my secret sisters and how wonderful they've all been. I've actually made 2 friendships through the process.. One is Heather (who I may add is due to have a little bambino any day now !!! I can't wait).. and the other is Deb.. Each secret sister round runs for a couple months.. Last round Heather ended up with Deb as her little sister... So Heather and I played a trick with Deb and had Deb convinced that another secret sis was her big sis.... Well.. I think we all know what pay back is right... Well, didn't Deb get me as her little sis again this round and ohhhhhh did she mess with me. She enlisted another secret sis to send cards to me from all over the US.. You heard it right.. All over the US.. so each time I got a card (let me tell you all how much she royally spoiled me and I received many) it was from a different city and state.. Then when I wanted clues to who she was.. She was as vague and she could get.. She kept me in the dark the whole time and I had no idea she was my secret sis again.. I should be calling her by her new name.. The BEST secret sis EVER !!!!.. At the end of each round we send a 'reveal' package. Wanna see what she sent me?

A making memories apron
roll out calculator
eyelets in a nail polish bottle
a snowman ornament with my name on it
a cross pen and a
you're awesome plaque..
a butterfly flag for my garden
an altered frap jar with my blog logo on it and a picture of litt'le ole me..The jar was filled with peanuts but they were YUMMY..
the coolest trifold card
her reveal card...
pumpkin pie, bashful blue and always artichoke grosgrain ribbon
3 more packages of ribbons
candy dots brads
embellishments up the wazoo

sticky notes
pink and orange clips
and a candy tin
an altered acrylic paint can filled with

jewels and
cards oh mania and embellishments...

PHEW.. I hope I didn't forget anything. Thanks Deb... You ARE the BEST !!!

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