Thursday, March 22, 2007

Carter Update

Thank you everyone for your kind words and well wishes for Carter.. A few of you have sent suggestions for food alternatives and my big sis Debbie actually did some investigating for us with FlintRiver. You all are just the best. :)
Carter came home Tuesday evening and he was looking pretty rough around the edges. They warned me against letting him have too much water and sure enough that was all he wanted. He even tried flipping the toilet seat up so we shut the bathroom door only to have him scratch on the door. He paced and whined quite a bit until he finally passed out. I think we all got about 3 hours sleep the whole night.
Yesterday he was able to rest all day with no one home. My friend who lives a few houses away (who we've given a spare key to our house) stopped in to check on him and both he and Oreo greeted her by the back door with their tails wagging.
Last night we all tucked ourselves into bed early and got a great nights sleep.
Now that Carter's on the road to recovery our next step is to investigate other food options. I can't keep putting him through this so often.
My goal is to do a bunch of stamping this weekend (Carter has some thank you notes he needs to make or should I say his 'people' need to make) so come back and see what we've done..

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Jan Scholl said...

this is weird. I go out my door, walk a ways and there is an actual Flint River! cutting thru the golf course in my small town/