Sunday, March 18, 2007

Help me get back my stamping 'mojo'... :(

This is for all of the dog lovers... If you don't love dogs like their a part of your family, you'll never understand.

Carter.. I've always called him my problem child.

Oreo on the other hand is our little lover. She was beaten and abused as a pup but still loves everyone (we'll almost everyone .. there's 1 person my dh knows who she deeply dislikes to say the least)..

Now Carter he too is a little lover but whereas Oreo chomps down her food, runs right out to go potty and will never leave the yard even if the gate is open Carter is the exact opposite. He's terribly finicky, would rather see if there's something better going on than going potty and if the gate to the drive way is open he's 'free at last'.. Well, a year ago Christmas Carter had what we found out to be was bladder stones. Which we've also found out run in the dalmatian breed. He was put on a special diet after his very pricey surgery but refused to eat the $50 per bag food. Well, starting last night he has wee~wee problems again. When he goes out to potty he just dribbles. He arches his back and you can tell he's trying so hard to go potty but it's just not working. Of course our vet isn't open today so first thing tomorrow morning I have to call and get him in to be seen.. Needless to say I've been quite worried all day and have completely lost my stamping mojo. I sooooo wanted to get upstairs today and do a little something in my happy place but I've been too sad to even go up there. My fear is that I just don't know how many times we can put him through this surgery. It's only been about 14 1/2 months since his last surgery. There's so much to consider.. his well being.. is he in pain.. what could be the serious long term complications from these stones. Then there's also the financial implications to think about. If he's going to need surgery every year. Financially is that feasible? I just don't know. I think I'm going to sign off, go tuck him under the blankees and give him a snuggle. Thanks for listening..


Anonymous said...

Lisa: I so understand!! I'm not too familiar with stones in dogs but you may want to consider trying this dog food for Carter:

My thoughts and prayers are with you!


Anonymous said...

Lisa, you poor dear. It is hard to know what to do to animals. I am there with you sister. We had to make a decision about our baby kitty Kip at Christmas. It was really hard and like our vet was not helpful. I hope yours is and all goes well for your dog. Beverly