Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happy Saturday.. How about a little blog candy..

The sun is shining the birds are chirping and it's a beautiful Saturday... Carter is recovering nicely. He had his stitches out yesterday and Dr. Hartman said everything looks great (but he'll never pee straight again... whoops, guess those stitches were a bit tight). He got his new canned food yesterday and so far so good. For the first time, he's eaten his food right when we put it down. So we'll all keep our fingers crossed that he's had his last bladder surgery.. :)

Tuesday was our cards in motion class... Our first card was our spring waterfall card and I just love how it came out..

The stamp set used was "winged things"..

The card stock is mellow moss, bordering blue and whisper white..

The butterflies and snails were stamped on the whisper white card stock in the mellow moss and bordering blue classic ink and all other images were stamped in the black stazon.

We colored in the images using the bordering blue and mellow moss markers and a blender pen. When using the blender pen or the aqua painter with a black stamped image I prefer to use the stazon because with the water the black doesn't tend to bleed into the image.

Don't forget, you still have a little over 1 week to upload your "Pay it forward" stories for a chance to win an awesome prize. I'm sure somebodies been out there doing something nice for someone else.

And now for today's candy.. Post a comment here telling us all what your favorite flower is and why. The winner will receive each of the 3 card from Tuesday's class.. You'll have to stay tuned to see the other 2.. The winning comment # will be drawn Wednesday at 7 PM.. However, in order to win, you'll have to leave your name on the comment so that I can notify the winner. Good luck..

I'll start by telling you mine.. My A #1 choice is always the Gerber Daisy. I only wish I lived in a warmer climate where I could keep them in my garden all year long. And for that matter keep my garden all year long. Their color choices and just beautiful and they look phenominal in a cut bouquet..


foodpartyfun said...

My favorite flower is the tulip. It is one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring. It comes in so many different colors and is so delicate.


Dawn Mercedes said...

I like lily of the vallies...though I know my mom has loved them longer than me...only b/c she is older. I love the smell of lilacs!

Jan Scholl said...

Lilacs-I am impatiently waiting for mine to bloom so I can bury my face in them.

doverdi said...

My favorite flower would have to be Lilacs. We have a couple of huge Lilac trees on our property and I can't wait for them to bloom. They always smell so pretty and a big bouquet in the house is always something to look forward to.

gremhog said...

as dawn says, my favorite flower is the Lily of the Valley. And yes, the smell is out of this world, but my grandmother introduced me to a perfume by Coty decades longer made, I fear. My wedding bouquet was all Lilies of the Valley and smelled heavenly. I'm glad Dawn has it as her favorite, too. Maybe we need to transplant some of our into her garden.

Heather said...

I love a ton of flowers but my favorite are Tulips. I love the colors and my grandpa was an avid gardner and always had a huge Tulip garden.

Anonymous said...

Lilacs are my favourite. The way the look and smell....oh! Now I can't wait for spring!

Anonymous said...

Barb Armstrong-it was great meeting you yesterday-I didn't think to take your phone number so that when I had questions I could give you a shout-my favorite flower is the daisy-they are very simple, but also abundant during the summer-gerber daisies always take my breath away-ahhhhhh