Saturday, March 24, 2007

A little of the Worlds beauty

It's 5:45 here on Saturday morning. I up, fed the fur babies.. gave the king his antibiotic and pain medication (yippee.. he's doing great, still a little sore but his incision looks wonderful) so I figured I'd check a little email and you know me.. off to the web I go.

Searching through National Geographic I came across a few photo's I thought I would share because of their beauty.. Can you guess what they are?

I know I know, I've complained enough about winter and I'm sooo looking forward to spring. But isn't this just beautiful? This photo was taken of a bush in St John's Newfoundland in 1974.... "A bush in St. John’s wears an icy glaze during what Newfoundlanders call the “silver thaw.” The freezing rain that causes this condition can damage trees and power lines, but is a harbinger of the coming spring."...

This one is of Spissky Stvrtok, Slovakia, 1992.. " A gothic church towers over the town of Spissky Stvrtok at the foot of Slovakia’s High Tatra mountains. The High Tatras, tallest of the Western Carpathian range, straddle the border of Slovakia and Poland and have been declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO."

And finally.. An Ode' to Spring... I so can't wait for all of this dirty snow to go away and for all of the flowers to begin their journey to the sunlight..

This photo is of Petra, Jordan, 1996
"There are many species of poppy, but only one� Papaver somniferum produces the ingredients for morphine, codeine, heroin, or even the poppy seeds in your spice rack. The red poppies that color this field in Petra, Jordan's ancient city of stone, are intoxicating only in terms of their beauty.

Speaking of spring... please go check out my "Paying it Forward" contest... Theres's going to be a really great prize in a couple weeks... So far there's only a few entries.. I'd love to see the enteries hit 50... Come on ladies.. we can do it.

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