Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Did you miss me?

I know I know.. your all wondering if I fell off the face of the earth. No.. not quite. Actually it's just been quite hectic here. Birthday's, getting Gram settled, that darn 'mandatory overtime' (growl... snarl...) and it's been getting nice so I've actually gotten a little (and I do mean little) yard work done. Tonight was the first night since last week that I actually made it up-stairs to my craft room to make a few DDSS May birthday cards. Unfortunately you'll all have to wait till tomorrow to see it... the glitters still drying.. LOL

Quick update on Gram.. She's adjusting remarkably well. She was transferred Friday afternoon so she's still getting her feet wet and adjusting to how things operate. She's not accustomed to having people wait on her. This is a big change for her and the rest of the family. But it's definitely a great one. She's in fabulous hands and I'm completely confident she's being well taken care of.

Did you notice I'm getting closer and closer to the 1K hits... YIPEE SKIPPY... If you'd like a hint as to what my blog candy will be I'll give you a little one.. It has to do with a boy's name and a girls name.. Both have the same initial.. Can you guess??? Please don't forget to enter my Blog Candy giveaway by leaving a fond memory of your grandmother under my last post. The winner will be drawn when 1,000 people have viewed my blog. I've read each and every entry and I thank you all for opening your hearts and sharing such fond memories with us.

So now to pass the time until tomorrow.. here's a little something to think about..

At Three minutes and Four seconds after Two on May Sixth, '07... The time will be....
02:03:04 05/06/07
This numerical order will NEVER HAPPEN again in our lifetime.
How about that?????

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