Sunday, May 6, 2007

I laughed a lilttle.. I cried a little..

Thank you all for sharing such fond memories of your grandmothers. It was so wonderful sharing many of the same memories.. The fabulous foods they would cook for us, how soft their skin was, the little nick-names they had for us. I hope you all enjoyed this walk with me down memory lane and much as I did. It really helped ease the sadness that Gram is 'in a nursing home..".. Call me a mush.. I know.. I will say though that I never leave or hang up the phone now without letting her know just how much I love her.

Congratulations... LANA B... You are my blog candy winner..
Lana wrote.. "Sadly my grandma passed away 8 years ago. But, my favorite memory of her is when she was 80 years old, she was complaining...full fledged all-out me that she was GETTING...not HAD..but getting crows feet around her eyes! Oh if we were all so lucky!!!! She had the most perfect and soft skin until the day she passed. She was beautiful not just inside; but outside as well. Thanks for the memory."

It was such joy reading each of your memories that I just had to pick 2 honorable mention awards.. They go to..

Kim wrote.. "Grandmothers are wonderful beings, and we should all be blessed to have them in our lives. I grew up with only one grandma, who was my dad's mother. We spent a great deal of time with her, and as I grew I saw how very much I resemble her...the good and the bad!! =) I always remember my grandma being 'old' in that she had wrinkled skin and looked the way Grandma's look (not how my mom looks to my kids however!). I remember the few times that Grandma would babysit my brother and I, and my parents would always ask how we were, she would always reply "They were as good as Gold". The other thing that makes me smile and think of my grandma (who has been gone 12 years this summer) is that when we would get messy, or make a mess, she would say "You are a mess and a gom" Don't know what a 'gom' is necessarily, but I've since passed that phrase onto my 2 daughters. My oldest thought it would be perfect to use on her Papa when she was 2!! The tradition lives on. I miss my grandma terribly, and I will say that her funeral was the hardest thing I had ever had to endure. It sounds like your grandma is a wonderful woman, hold on to her while you can. Thanks for the opportunity for Blog Candy!!!" and,

Deenster wrote "I lost my grandmother a while ago, but here is one of many great memories: My brother and I would stay with my grandparents every summer (and usually Christmas vacations, spring breaks......sometimes even three day weekends). Anyway, the bathroom was an "out house" type of bathroom. So as kids, when we went to take a shower, we had to remember to take our clean clothes and towel with us to the bathroom, other wise once you got out of the shower.....oops! So it never failed, that at least once while we would be at her house, my grandmother would call for me or my brother to bring her a towel because SHE had forgotten to take one with her for her shower. And every time this happened, my brother and I would walk to the out house, open the door so just our hand would fit inside.......and hand my grandmother a Paper Towel from the kitchen.........then we'd giggle like crazy (EVEN my grandma!)".. That's a memory that will keep you smiling each time you think of her..

So Lana, Kim and Deenster... please email me your snail mail address and I'll get your goodies out to you. Kim and Deenster, I'll also need to know what your favorite colors are. Congratulations again !!!


~Lana B.~ said...

YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just emailed you my info.
I'm so psyched about the Martha goodies!!!!!!!!!!!! You are SO sweet for sharing!!!!!!! Your blog is amazing and I love the inspiration you provide...thank YOU so much!!!
~Lana B.~

deenster said...

Thank you Lisa! Just sent you my info..........was great reading everyones comments........grandmas sure are the best!


Lois Michael said...

Hi Lisa, I sent you an email on May 2nd letting you know you won my tasty tart and have never heard from you. If you still want it send me your snail mail at by Wednesday before noon. Hope to hear from you.

Kim said...

Lisa, Thank you! I jsut sent you my info...was so thrilled. Thanks for sharing.