Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Have I been M-I-A????

So plllllllllllllease don't shoot me now.. I know I've been MIA well not in real life just in blog land. I do apologize. Things have been crazy... Let's see, where do I start.
Friday after work I went to that place I dread the most... Walmart Supercenter.. to do the grocery shopping. Not only was I tired after a very long week.. But then I spent $199.. You heard me. And I didn't buy much food.. I did but some Rhonda Stamps, a large clear acrylic block, a picture frame for a name frame and some neat new alphabet rub-ons.. You always need to throw in a few stamping supplies and sneak them in with the groceries.
Saturday morning I was up bright and early and to have my hair foiled. Then I quick shot over to the mall to pick up some paper for my niece's boy-girl end of school pool party flip flop invitations.. By now it's 10:30 and I'm starting so I had my DH meet me at the diner for a little breakfast. It was a gloomy wet day so home I went for a long nap (oh that felt good) and then cleaned my entire house. I don't just mean clean I mean CLEANED... Having 2 dalmatians leaves white fur everywhere. By the end of the week I am so discouraged at how messy my house looks.
I warned anyone who would be calling me on Sunday.. This was the first weekend in 6 weeks that I didn't work on a Sunday and I was sleeping in.. Yeah Right.. 8:30 I was up making breakfast (french toast and bacon ... we won't discuss the fact that the first batch was a little let's say... extra- crispy... LOL). Since I've been getting up between 4 & 4:30 I guess 8:30 really is sleeping in.. Laundry then another trip to Walmart for mulch and I was back home by 10:30.. So what did I do for the rest of the day.. I finally cleaned my craft room.. YIPEE... Not only did I clean it but I reorganized it. Moved all my stamps closer to my desk.. Oh it's awesome. But since there was a little extra bleach absorbed by my brain on Saturday I totally flaked and forgot to take pictures.. LOL I will try tonight.
Well now it's Wednesday (even thought I thought it was Wednesday all day yesterday but we won't go there).. and I have yet to post a single creation.. I have though been able to catch up on my blog reading and have some great things to share with ya..
Here goes...
You know how I've posted pictures of the extra special happy mail I've been receiving from my Big SiS (DDSS), well yesterday I received my reveal package and finally know who she is.. Everyone say HI to Lindsey. And, she has a blog. Shot on over and check her out. Her cards are fabulous.. I promise I'll take pictures tonight of my happy mail. She was extra special to me..
Now I know you've probably already checked out Michelle's blog but please go check it out this week. This week she's talking about "Mass Production" and boy did I learn a lot yesterday. I felt like a complete dork when I was done. Why have I been doing things the hard way for so long. I guess finding shortcuts is not my strong suit. I prefer the long hard road of life.. LOL
And finally.. Please everyone bear with me for the next 10 days. Starting the 30th we are having our back yard torn out a new flower bed put in and the rest replanted with Sod. Our landscaper said that it's going to look like a bomb went off out there but when there done it'll be perfect green grass. I promise to post some of the action shots so that you can all see how the progress is. Now keep in mind, I live within city limits so our yard is about the size of one of the new postage stamps... LOL (get it..the price of stamps just went up... Our yard isn't very big but it is bigger than a 39 center... hahhahahahaha I crack myself up).. I do though have a few projects that I need to get finished up and out in the mail by the end of next week so I will be getting some stamping done.
Happy Wednesday everyone.. Yes I know it's Wednesday.. LOL

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Splashryan said...

Thank you for your entry for blog candy and visiting my blog! I appreciate your support! Unfortuantely the pictures didn't come through but I absolutely love your bee cards and your stunning Mother's day cards you've made here. Wow! Hope you don't mind me coming to check you out again!