Monday, July 30, 2007

Day 1...Purge Purge Purge


Saturday morning I got up at what felt like the crack of dawn.. went to get my hair highlighted (the things we do to be a DIVA), stopped and picked up a few groceries and got home just in when my DH finish cleaning the house (sometimes it nice to have a house-boy... LOL) so I meandered upstairs to my stamp room only to find it looking like this...


So I nestled myself in and started cleaning. The first thing I did was purge purge purge.. I decided I couldn't get much done with all of my hoarding. Where are those empty SUP boxes? I knew I was saving them for something. I started filling them with everything that I needed to get out of my stamp room. I had scrap paper stacked up to my bootie (literally) and stuff everywhere. So I made 3 piles. Pile 1.. everything that I really couldn't live without ... Pile 2... This would be good for blog candy and Pile 3... get this junk out of my stamp room. By the time I was done.. My garbage pile was stacked to my bootie, I had a nice pile for blog candy and everything I was keeping was much more manageable. Now I could start to organize.

Tip #1... Purge, Purge Purge.. I'm sure this is the last thing on your list you really what to do.. But it is a very important step to your organizing. You can't organize until you've de~cluttered. Don't limit your de~cluttering to your stamping table and surrounding area. Don't forget drawers, boxes, shelves, paper scraps... Keep what you must have (limiting this to a manageable amount), donate the rest that is not trash... and get rid of the trash (there's no sense keeping it hanging around if it's no good).. and keep asking yourself.. Do I really NEED this? Be honest. You'll be surprised by your answers.

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Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

I am so overwhelmed by the thought of purging tho I do know it's needed but you had a great idea abouat using it for blog candy & I know I can donate....that's the easiest of things to do. TFS