Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What is the true defintion of "Stalking"

Yesterday was a truly magnificent day.. It was 'NEW CATTY STUFF ARRIVES DAY'. Since I had ordered with 2nd day air shipping I started my stalking quite early in the day..

  • Check UPS website.. Yep out for delivery.. Now hmmmmmm what time do they deliver 2nd day air?
  • Continue checking website over and over again.. Nope not delivered yet....
  • Get home from work... Check front porch.. Nope not delivered yet... Better check website just to make sure they didn't deliver it some where else.. Nope not delivered yet...
  • Make dinner... Check website.... (I'm not quite sure why I would certainly hear my boyfriend when he pulled up in his big brown truck and then rang my doorbell)...
  • Eat dinner... Nope not delivered yet...
  • Do a little work on the computer... Ohh who do I hear out front... Run to the door... Nope false alarm..
  • Back to the computer... Wait.. Is it, could it be.... Jump up and run to the door... My BFF in his little brown uniform drops my box on my front porch and make a mad run for his truck. OK so it was raining.. OK so it was thundering.. OK yep even a little lightening. Did he have to drop my beautiful box of new stuff....

This is what my beautiful box looked like with that teal sticker. It's a little blurry but you get the gist. I delicately open the box, tear out the brown packing paper and look what I find...

All my goodies... Here's my first order of must haves..

  • Basic Grey Classic Stampin Pad
  • Basic Grey card stock
  • square envies
  • hemp twine (I was all out)
  • Outlaw designer series paper
  • Ice rhinestone brads (back ordered)
  • Haunting Halloween set
  • Merry Merry Christmas set
  • Dog-Gone It
  • Baroque Motifs
  • Please Come
  • All Holiday's
  • 5/8" Chocolate grosgrain ribbon and the
  • 5/8" Celery grosgrain ribbon and finally
  • Sidekick hostess set..

There's plenty more on my wish list... My absolute next must haves is the Stack N Store, Pretties, Art by Design, Totally Tabs and my hostess set will be the Party Punch..

Now tonight... I Mount... that didn't sound to good but you know what I mean.. LOL.

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lindsalita said...

I can see you in a tizzy of rubber! I am jealous. I want so many things out of the catalog. Can't wait to see all of your new creations!!!!