Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just how big will my flowers grow?

Every time I wander around my garden it just amazes me how beautiful flowers can be. With a little help from Mother Nature and Miracle Grow wait till you see how big everything has grown.

Welcome to my garden. This flower bed is a 1/2 circle at the end of my deck and each year it fills right to the top. This year I added my rustic chair, small bird bath and a butterfly. The mango/ yellow cornflower I added almost a month ago and yesterday I added a deep orange/ red rubecia behind the chair. To the right is a sedum which will bloom shortly and to the left is my ginanormous "Helen's Flower". No one has been able to identify this plant by any other name but it gets approximately 5 - 6 foot tall, is currently about 5 foot wide and blooms with small yellow daisy type flowers. I added it to my garden about 5 years ago because my MIL's name is Helen.

Here's a side shot of the "Helen's Flower" and my star Cosmo's (planted from seed right into the ground). Mind you, my deck is 2 steps up so both of these are well over 5 foot tall. My cosmos are just starting to bud. If you enlarge the photo you can see "Harley" lying on the porch. He's exhausted. He is currently in the "Mouse relocation" program. He relocates them from all of the neighbors yards to ours.

Oreo is in the bottom right of the photo.

Depending upon where you live you may or may not be familiar with this plant. Since it's not native to the NE I was not familiar with it until this year. It's a "Caster Bean Plant" the same plant that caster oil is extracted from.

Thank you to all of my birds, squirrels and chipmunks who feed on my bird feeders. They drop sunflower seeds and this is one of the many sunflowers which have grown. The birds love these and the feisty squirrels will chew the tops off just as fast as they grow. I have no idea where they take the heads.

This is the rubecia I just planted. You can see it has a deep orange/ red petal and is just spectacular. I hope it comes back next year.


Debbie said...

Beautiful garden Lisa!!

jodene said...

Love your garden. It is very pretty.