Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy Sunday

Happy Day's are here again.. The skies above are clear again.. well, they've been clear for a few days now but whose getting technical. Wow what a crazy weekend again. Making salads and deviled eggs on Friday for a graduation party yesterday. Now today is my DH's 39th birthday. We don't discuss the fact that Wednesday was my FIL's bday and Thursday our anniversary. WHOO I'm looking forward to a rest. I think my stamp room is getting dusty. I haven't been up there much all week.

This morning I did a little weeding in my garden and was amazed at how much everything has grown this past month. I wanted to share a few pics with you all because gardening is in my 'blood'.. :)

Everything is pretty green right now but green is much better than the brown and white winter we had. I'll take green any day. My "Helen's Flower to the left is about 4 1/2' current and will probably grow another foot or so before blooming beautiful yellow daisy like flowers. My 'peas' are spiraling up my my little trellis and right behind the peas is a small patch of 'star cosmo's'. I can't wait to see them bloom.

This little fellow I just picked up.. It's a 'mango yellow' cone flower. The petals are a deep orange/ yellow color. This is a definite keeper..

A month ago these 'choreopsis' were just itty bitty things. Now look at it. The bush is about 2 ' tall and is just loaded with buds. It's like the Snapple commercial for white tea. Each time I 'pluck' the dead flowers off of it. Twice as many come back. This would be beautiful in a red.

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with this flower. It's a 'Caster Oil Plant'. Yep, the same plant that they extract the oils from for that nasty ole' caster oil (not sure what they do with the oil afterwards but I have heard of it). This plant gets these beautiful red ball flowers. It just started to bloom so I'm anxious to see how big it will get.

This year I planted my morning glories in a planter box and set it in my garden along the fence with a little black trellis behind it to grow on. Look what it's already done. It's winding right around that trellis.

These are small maroon sunflowers I planted from seeds. Their gonna be gorgeous is another few weeks. Although I can't remember how big their supposed to get... Whoops.

And finally, these are the 'firecrackers' given to me last year from one of my dear friends (it seems like were in a never ending gardening competition.. what's come up in your garden, what bloomed today, my dahlia is bigger than yours... blah blah blah.. that's what we do for fun.... hahahah).. Last year I planted 1 lonely firecracker and this is what came up this year. It's my understanding that they'll keep multiplying and spreading each year. Next to it is 1 pitiful dahlia that came up. For some strange reason all of our dahlia's seem very small this year..


lindsalita said...

It looks gorgeous, all of my plants are frying out here in the valley of the sun. Nice to rest my eyes on a lush garden. Hope you are having a great weekend!

lindsalita said...

You have been tagged girl!!

Angie Z. said...

Wowzers! Just look at how far your garden has come! Looks fabulous! A very nice retreat!

Michelle said...

Beautiful garden! Lots of work!