Friday, August 3, 2007

All cleaned up..

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Finally, I feel like I'm organized and my stamp room is C-L-E-A-N... CLEAN... :) Here are just a few final tips..

What to do with your inks... SUP offers a spectacular ink storage unit (just like the one for the embellishments..), I personally had an Ikea angel.. Mine are stored in wall mounted "cassette' storage holders from Ikea. Unfortunately I don't have an Ikea in my area but a SCS angel offered to pick them up for me and shipped them off to me. She was wonderful. For less than $30 I purchased 5 and this included the shipping.

What to do with your cutters... This was a huge problem for me.. Previously I kept mine under my desk and boy was that a pain.. My solution, I moved an end table next to my stamping table and now look... right at arms length and now my Cuttlebug and Cricut have homes too...

Are you ready to see my Clean and Organized Stamp Room???? Drum roll please.......

Here's my cleaned and organized desk ... Look at how much stamping space I gained... No more working in 1 little corner.

Here's where I keep everything else.. I have 3 book shelves from Tar'get that holds everything. On top of the middle book case I added a shoe organizer for just a little more room.. Glass jars hold ribbon, baskets hold punches, primas, chipboard.. Boxes hold stickes and ink refills and cropper hoppers for paper and ribbon.

The rest of the room is our den with recliners and the all important TV.. :)

Well everyone, this is where the stampin magic happens. I hope you enjoy my stamping space and I hope I've inspired you to do just a little organizing..

On a lighter note.. For those of you who have asked about my 'tree fort''... LOL Our home is a small bungalow and upstairs (with our pitched room).. there is a bedroom in the front of the house and 1 in the back of the house. The stair case goes right into the back bedroom so we turned this into our den and now our den/ stamp room... My DH is a mechanic and there always seems to be a neighbor or two at our house working on something. So when their in their garage I head up here to 'hide'.. Our friends twin sons laugh because they can never find me. I tell them that this is my "NO BOY's ALLOWED... tree fort".. they get a kick out of that because when they come upstairs they feel privileged.. Oh by the way, their 18.. LOL


Sharon in NE said...

That was a lot of work, but I bet you just love to go up there and look at it all. It looks great. I got some good ideas from you too. Thanks!

jodene said...

Thanks for sharing. It looks wonderful!!

Debbie said...

Very nice - it's amazing how the camera is available and works for pictures of your workspace. I would like you would want your picture in there also showing off your space!!

lindsalita said...

Nice work girl! I can't wait until my stamp room is all mine and I can make it girly too! Great clean up, these are my fave pics, rarely do you see what spaces inspire everyone before and after.

CAKVD said...

Thanks for the awesome Ikea tip. I usually take a yearly trip to Ikea (it's 3 hours away from me) and now I know that I'll be getting those!
Cheryl KVD