Thursday, August 16, 2007

How I spent my Summer Vacation

Om goodness. What a couple of day. Yesterday lunch with gram. Always exciting. You never know what a 90 year old woman is going to say.. LOL

Tuesday what a day. The weather was absolutely spectacular. I'd say high 70's, low 80's. Gentle breeze, blue skies.... Here's a quick peek at our day at the lake..

Here's a look at the mountains surrounding Lake George.. The water was glistening.

You know me, I can't get enough flowers. Here's one of the small gardens by the lake.

Which one is my darling debonair husband?

Here's our dashing hubbies thinking their Dale Earnhardt and Toni Stewart... Both came in 30th out of 30 and neither could keep their car on the road... LOL

And lastly... The go cart championship... Take a quick peek at the intense look on their faces. Thank goodness my DH won this year. I could not take another year listening to the whining.. LOL

Congratulations Dean the 2007 Go-Cart Champion of the world.. Or at least of Lake George.. :)

Today I stamp.. I need to fill my card totes with cards and my new snowflake stamp set arrived yesterday. So keep watching for more cards later today :)


Aunt T said...

WOW! I read your blog every day and I have to say I just fell off my chair! I live 10 minutes from Lake George - we keep both of our boats on the lake and are there nearly every non working hour of the summer! We probably bumped shoulders at the arcade! Isn't it a small world :)
I post pictures of the lake on my blog frequently!


Michelle said...

Looks like a great vacation. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Pat's Paper Passion said...

Lucky you to vacation at such a nice spot. The lake looks pristine and inviting. Nothing better than sitting by the lake and reading. I enjoy your blog. thanks