Thursday, August 2, 2007

Day 4... What on earth could be left ????

Why your stampin desk of course... and don't forget all that stuff we have all over our desks. If your anything like me, your stamping space is large enough to accommodate 10 stampers but you've cluttered it up with enough stuff to only allow yourself a 1' x 1' space on the corner of the desk.. Well, that needs to stop. How can we create if we don't have enough space??????

Here's my before.. What a MESS !! you would think Messy Marvin lived here. Nope just me..

Wanna see what I did.. You'll be soooooo impressed !!!! :)

Here's the After of the ... left... Yipee.. everything in it's place and easily accessible. Where do I begin. The lamps my mother was going to throw away. I painted them in cream, re-covered the shades in red trawl... and look how cute these are. I have 1 on the left and 1 on the right.

The spinning carousel was an idea I cased from Michelle.. These are from Tar'get and are $25 each. But well worth the $$$. The top is open and has 4 separated compartments. I have my Adirondack paint dabbers, blender pens, aqua painter.. anything and everything I need at arms length in there. It spins which is wonderful and has 2 drawers. 1 holds my large and small font snap stamp sets and the other holds my cd cases of acrylic stamps. Next I have a metal CD holder (also from Tar'get) that has just a bunch of alterables in it.. Next would be the awesome stamping organizer from Sue Jensen (my spring flinger).. I use this all the time. I have punches, scissors, tape, sponges and my bone folder in it just to name a few. Everything I need for a quick card is in there.. All I do is give it a little spin. Next is a little drawer cabinet that holds my Copic markers, clear envies and glue sheets. Can you believe how much desk space I free'd up?

Now to the right... Next I have 2 plastic organizers (Wal-mart .94 cents each).. one holds my tools.. and the other my glues. I have 2 more of these organizers stacked on top of each other.. This makes a quick little shelf for my non-sup stamps (I like them to be flat), marker, sponge daubers, sticker makers etc..
Do you see that is right at arms length on my desk?????? My brand new embellishment holder from SUP. If you don't have it.. YOU HAVE TO GET THIS... it's sooo awesome. it hold all of my embellies and SPINS... WOO HOO...
Lighting is very important to me. You'll see I have 3 lamps. Personally I can't work in the dark. I do however need to change the light bulb in my little black desk lamp. The 60 watter is just tooooo strong and puts out a lot of heat. LOL
Tip #4.... Easy access to your tools and good lighting... Have your scissors, glue, bone folders, punches.. anything you use frequently close at hand. The less walking you do the more stamping you can get done. Get in the habit of always replacing these valuable tools BACK where they came from. This will save valuable time and reduce your stress level.. and.. Don't forget good lighting. You want to be able to see what your going.. :)
Keep organizing..
Please check back later today for tomorrow AM for a little more blog candy for all you organizers out there... Trust me, it's a good one.. :)

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