Sunday, August 19, 2007

I was kidnapped

Well.... Kidnapped is such a harsh word, how about 'easily coerced'... 'bribed'.. 'begged'... But I always make out in the end..... LOL

So we all know that all I've wanted to do for the past few days was stamp. Well, my DH asked me to take him to a local junk yard (I guess it's a man thing to look for car parts for a truck he's re-doing).. OK, but then bring me home and you can go back and do your thing. So we get there. Nope they don't have what he's looking for, but try XYZ Garage in Schoharie. Here the 'hell' is Schoharie? Come to find out it's not far from where we live. OK, I'll go but you need to feed me. So off we go. Get all the way there (after calling first and being told they did have what he was looking for), nope they don't have it. So we head home. Don't forget... YOU NEED TO FEED ME.. By now it's after noon and I've had nothing to eat. As we pull away there's a 'trading post/ flea market' type store next door. What do they have outside? Shutters... Could this be for true? Dean quick turn around... So I go in to inquire. Guess how much they were.... $10 each. You heard me right. So 2 went into the trunk of the Caddy. I'm going to turn these into trellis's for next years garden. I sooo need to go back and get a couple more. I love old rustic things and these are from a house built in the 1700's that was being torn down.. can you say SCORE???? Then we went to the greatest little farmer's market.. The Carrot Barn. There I was able to get a sandwich and picked up some corn for dinner. That was so yummy and sweet it wasn't even funny. As we were leaving there were lavender plants by the doors. I snipped off a flower and kept going. OMGosh, it was soo wonderful, it had a lemony lavender smell. I didn't pick one up because normally around here, lavender is an annual and I'm done planting for the year. This was something I kept thinking about and so I called on Saturday and found out they are perennials. I just need to mulch them good in the fall and keep them out of wind and any potential large snow piles. So where did I go on Saturday??? Back to the Carrot Barn and picked up 3 pots. Let's see if I can get it to grow again next year.. :)

And now it's the last day of my summer vacation. I guess all good things must come to an end :) We had a picnic to go to and before we left here's what I found on my sofa. Yep, Harley and Carter sleeping with Harley's head on Carter's buttocks.. How often do we see this? I had to take a picture because my mother will never believe it.

Before I head off to bed I had to share a quick picture of my sunflowers that are blooming beautifully. My birds will be thrilled. Well, off to bed and back to worky tomorrow... May be this week I'll actually get to stamp :)


Aunt T said...

Sounds like a great day. I love your picture - adorable.


Michelle said...

I love your dog and kitty photo! How cute!

Angel Wilde said...

Wow... what a day. Sounds like fun to me!

Sharon in NE said...

I'll be watching next summer to see what you do with the shutters. Those kind of "finds" are so much fun.